How much is Twitch TV worth

Twitch: TV for gamers

Other sources of income

If the player really interacts with the viewer and maintains his channel, strong bonds develop: As a successful streamer you have a fan base that behaves in many ways similar to fans of musicians or athletes. Therefore it can be very useful Merchandising items to offer. If it turns out that the streamer has developed into a real star of the scene, manufacturers from the gaming sector will also notice them: Then it is Sponsorship possible. For example, some players are provided with the hardware and then point it out in their profile.

Gamers who not only play for fun, but are active as e-athletes, have other ways to make money. E-sports events, which play a big role for Twitch, can be enormous Prize money win. In addition, participating in such a tournament is also an advertisement for your own channel. Once you have established yourself as an expert, you can also turn your knowledge into money away from the platform: for example, with fee-based Online coursesthat explain how to get better at a particular game.

Like other content providers on the net (e.g. bloggers or podcasters), some streamers also publish one Amazon wish list: On this you note the products that you would like to have. Users who do not want to donate money can send one of these products to their favorite streamer instead. This increases the bond between braodcaster and fan even more. In general, one of the sources of income mentioned is in itself sufficient in very few cases to secure a living. However, bundling can result in larger sums. But that is by no means always easy money: Because without regular streams and constant interaction with the community, you will not have any success on Twitch.