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Brochure from Rigips: A smooth affair - action for your own home

Quality level 1 (Q 1) For surfaces that are not subject to any visual (decorative) requirements, a basic filler (Q 1) is sufficient. Quality level 1 is suitable for: applying tiles; other ceramic coverings. Quality level 2 (Q 2) The filling according to Q 2 corresponds to the previous standard filling. After the basic filling (Q 1), the joints, screw heads, inside and outside corners and connections must be aligned until a smooth transition to the board surface is achieved. In order to achieve quality level Q 2, it is necessary that the required drying times are adhered to. Quality level 2 is suitable for: medium and coarsely structured wall coverings, e.g. B. wallpaper such as woodchip wallpaper; matt, filling paints / coatings (eg dispersion paints) that are applied manually - with a lambskin or textured roller; Finishing plaster from 1 mm grain size. Quality level 3 (Q 3) Q 3 is a special filling for increased demands on the filled surface. Accordingly, in addition to the basic and standard filling (Q 1 and Q 2), additional work steps are necessary. In order to achieve quality level 3, the cardboard surface must be leveled over once and sharply-edged with a smoothing trowel (pore closure). The required drying times between the fillings must be observed. Quality level Q 3 is suitable for: finely structured paints and coatings; Finishing plaster with a grain size of no more than 1 mm. Quality level 4 (Q 4) Q 4 meets the highest requirements for the leveled surface. To do this, the entire surface must be filled or stuccoed over the entire surface. In order to achieve quality level Q 4, it is necessary that the required drying times are adhered to. Quality level 4 is suitable for: smooth or structured wall coverings with a gloss, e. B. metal or vinyl wallpaper; Glazes or paints / coatings up to medium gloss; Stuccolustro or other high-quality smoothing techniques. Only for final and subsequent filling. The right solution for every board: Joint filler from Rigips Rigips boards without (or with) reinforcement strips, e.g. B. Rigips construction / fire protection boards, The thickness VARIO (HRAK) • Rigicell / Uniboard half-round (HRK) • Rigips 1-man boards round (RK) • Rigidur gypsum fiber boards, sharp (4 SK) • Rigips moisture-proof boards without (or with ) Reinforcement strips, e.g. B. Rigips construction board impregnated / the thickness RFI VARIO (HRAK) • Multiboard half-round (HRK) • Rigips "Die Grüne" round (RK) B. Rigips construction / fire protection boards, Die thickness VARIO (HRAK) • • Rigidur gypsum fiber boards without reinforcement strips Rigidur expansion boards, Rigidur compact, Rigidur composite board sharp (4 SK) • • • • • • • • • • • • Rigips VARIO Unifüll, edge shape Rigips Panels Rigips VARIO impregnated Rigips VARIO Rigidur Rigips SUPER Rigips VARIO Finish 4 5

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