Cars 3 will be great

Cars 3 - That's what the critics say about the fast-paced Pixar sequel

As of today, Lightning McQueen is racing again over the German cinema screens in the Pixar animated film Cars 3 - Evolution. Read here what the critics have to say about the third round of the racing car series.

The story of the record racing car Lightning McQueen stands with Cars 3 - Evolution from today, the 28.09.2017, on the starting line for the third time and is hoping for the big win at the box office. In the second sequel of the animation success Cars from 2006, the self-confident speedster is confronted with a new generation of racing cars and is suddenly no longer in pole position on the racetrack. A young trainer is supposed to look under the bumpers of the old body and help it show the newbies who the real master of racing is. Here you can find out whether the film critics burst into jubilation or tears in the audience.

First the hard facts about Cars 3 - Evolution:

  • 18 critic ratings with an average of 6.33
  • 35 community ratings with an average of 5.95
  • 13 reviews and 12 comments
  • 0 users say favorite film and 1 user says hate film
  • 85 reservations and 10 are not interested

This is what the English-speaking critics say about Cars 3 - Evolution:

James White from the British Empire had mixed feelings after the sighting and criticized the lack of passion in the film:

Of course, it all looks great, decorated with typically impressive animation and a few good gags. But Pixar has always been about heart and innovation, and that's still a bit lacking in this new chapter in the saga.

Eric Cohn from Indie Wire, on the other hand, finds positive words for the Pixar sequel:

Considering this is a second sequel in a less than honorable franchise, it's a small miracle that Cars 3 crosses the finish line with a refreshing purpose.

Roger Moore from Movie Nation, on the other hand, is deeply disappointed by the ongoing capitalism of the series and cannot gain much from the plot of Cars 3:

Kids will probably appreciate how bright, metallic, and real the cars and landscapes look. You might want the toy cars. But just like me, they will be bored to tears by the half-hearted story.

This is what the German-speaking critics say about Cars 3 - Evolution:

In the third Cars film, Frank Arnold from EPD Film misses the depth that he is used to from other Pixar films:

Cars 3 celebrates simplicity; Anyone who loves Pixar films for such complex and unusual stories as Ratatouille, Wall-E or Everything is upside down might be a little disappointed.

Michael Ranze from Filmdienst, on the other hand, found Cars 3 - Evolution to be surprisingly complex:

Director Brian Fee transfers the set pieces of the boxer film to a human-free car world and even introduces a gender discourse that one would not have expected in this universe of genderless engines.

Andreas Fischer from Radio Köln also criticized the precise calculation of the film, but was overall convinced:

Of course, Lightning McQueen's alleged farewell tour is a conventional family film, with likeable characters, fast-paced racing scenes and edifying advice for life, tailored to a thoroughly analyzed target audience.

Conclusion on Cars 3 - Evolution

Cars 3 - Evolution seems to be a real film of our time: calculated down to the last detail and tailored to a target audience - which is criticized by both English-speaking and German critics. Apart from that, the press at home and abroad largely agree that a return to the beginnings of the series and the main character Lightning McQueen has done this new litter good. So we get great animations, fast car races and amazingly real landscapes, which are underlined by a little wit, personable characters and even some current topics. Cars 3 - Evolution still lacks the depth and heart and soul of other Pixar films, but according to its mixed reviews, it is a thoroughly satisfactory family film.

Are you going to see Cars 3 - Evolution?