How do you say in Thai

The days of the week in Thai

When learning a new language, it is always useful to have an overview of the days of the week so that you can learn them at a glance:

The days of the week in Thai

วัน จันทร์



วัน อังคาร

wan? aŋkha: n


วัน พุธ



* วัน พฤหัส (บ ดี)

wanphrárɨ́hàd (sabbɔ: di :)


วัน ศุกร์



วัน เสาร์



วัน อาทิตย์

wan? a: thíd


* The last three syllables are often skipped in the oral language.

As you have probably already seen in the table, each weekday is preceded by a วัน [wan] (German day).

There is one more thing you should note about the days of the week:

In German one usually says at theMonday, at theWednesday etc. In Thai you always leave out the preposition in this case and just say Monday or. Wednesday.

You can take a look at this in the following example table. You should keep this subtlety in mind when translating from German to Thai.

If you're not quite sure how to pronounce the days of the week in Thai, why not listen to the vocabulary for Lesson 13 (Basic Course). There you will find the pronunciation of the days of the week.

Keep learning? In the following two chapters you will learn about the months and the seasons in Thai.