What kind of bird can bark

Scream at the bird

For parrot birds of all kinds, whether parakeets, real parrots, loris or cockatoos, screaming and screeching are one of their normal ways of communicating. These range from soft and loud chatter to twittering to singing. But the rough, harsh sounds are also part of their repertoire.

Flight calls

Many parrots fly together from smaller or huge flocks when they gather at particularly rewarding feeding places or when they come from all directions at their common sleeping trees in the evening. Then everyone screams at one another and a spectacle ensues that is completely unfathomable for us. But even then the birds seem to be communicating. For example, the birds in a couple stay together in a screeching flock and find each other again at any time.

Foraging and screams of fear

Some parrots cry differently depending on whether they are looking for food in the trees or on the ground. Some scream in the trees and remain completely silent on the ground. Depending on the type, this can also be exactly the other way round. On the other hand, parrots let out screams of fear when they are surprised. Even when they are caught they screech particularly loud and shrill.

Screams from abandonment

If a parrot is not completely influenced by humans or if it reaches sexual maturity, then from our point of view it often screams in long succession for absolutely no reason. Mostly this happens in the morning and in the evening. Sometimes we can calm him down by talking and cuddling with him. But some birds refuse and continue screaming. Then covering the cage with a cloth may, in certain cases, cause the bird to become still. However, since the bird becomes even more anxious as a result of the dark detention, this does not help either him or the owner. However, if the animal gets a partner, the problem is often solved quickly. (Horst Bielfeld)