Dwarves had magic like elves

13.09.2019, 13:06
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Quote by Ken Bollmann
Hi, I have got a question.
How do you feel about the dwarves using magic?
I am against the magic of dwarves! Dwarves have no magic to work!

Somebody has to cut a breach for humanity that we have to deal with elven magic is bad enough.
But now also the dwarf ?!

If the gods had wanted the dwarf to use magic too, they would have made him an elf! And everyone will confirm that the dwarf is not an elf! This is a well known fact!

And that's why dwarves shouldn't be allowed access to magic! Where are we going ?! Today the dwarf, tomorrow the unicorn ?!
Afterwards the fairies do their magic too. No thanks!
We have enough sorcery in this world. Say 'no' to 'dwarf magic'!

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