How can I balance everyone on Tinder

Online dating Is Instagram the new Tinder?

Self-portrayal, inspiration, presentation of pictures but also networking with other people - this is how you could describe the functions of the social network Instagram. The latter in particular is becoming more and more important in terms of dating and opening new doors.

Will dating apps like Tinder, Lovoo or Grindr be superfluous?

Let's be honest: If you use the Tinder app, you have probably seen one or the other man twice or even more often. At some point it just "evolved" in the immediate vicinity. At this point, you could change the age range or the area search in the filter settings. But who wants to match someone who lives further away?

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With Instagram, we don't have to worry about that. The profile quickly shows where the person you are looking for lives. Interests and hobbies can also be found out through posts, bio or pages that are followed. A like, comment or a reaction to a story is the first step easier than coming up with a convincing pick-up line. While you always run the risk of bumping into your work colleague, boss or lecturer on Tinder, it is more discreet on Instagram. It can be targeted a little "stalk" before contact is made.

When we sign up for a dating app, we're full of hopes and expectations, but at the same time we're afraid of rejection. We simply give too much thought to ourselves. Instagram, on the other hand, is not primarily aimed at dating. We are completely free of expectation and give in to self-expression. This alone results in contacts without any recognizable intentions and we act much more loosely.

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On Instagram we play the selection algorithm

While the offer on Tinder is more or less left to chance, on Instagram we determine where we put our feelers. Whether it's a direct name search or visiting a public Instagram profile - it's in our own hands. If you are actually interested in a person, you will usually be served all the information you need on a silver platter. Friends, hobbies, places visited or concerts - that much information is usually not shown to us on a Tinder profile. It is not for nothing that every second Tinder profile says: "Write to me on Instagram". The establishment of contact on the social media platform can be designed in different ways. If you are a little shy, likes are enough to get you closer. There is no hurry like on Tinder, where a decision has to be made immediately for or against a person. If you want to go all out, you write a direct message. Once this step is taken, the conversations are much easier. After all, you have already been able to collect enough impressions of the person through their profile.

What does that say about us now? We are usually not as superficial as we pretend to be on Tinder. It is easy to communicate better in your own comfort zone and without pressure.

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