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Green election manifesto for the 2021 federal election

March 19, 2021

Climate protection, economy, social affairs, education, administration - our country needs a policy that is up to the challenges of reality. In his draft program for the federal election “Germany. Everything is included. "The green federal executive makes concrete proposals so that a common departure can be achieved. Here you will find an overview of the content as well as the full draft program for download.

"We are presenting the program at a time when a political era is coming to an end and a new one can begin," said Robert Habeck, opening the presentation of the green draft program for the federal election on September 26th. This is happening in a fragile, difficult political phase. Although so many people have outgrown themselves in the pandemic and have shown solidarity, innovative strength and resilience, the governing parties seem flagged and tired.

Vaccine problems, too few tests and a lack of strategy in the fight against the corona pandemic would once again show that reactive politics can at best prevent the worst. But it is about making the best possible. Habeck: “With this federal election program we are presenting a vitamin shot for this country. We want to create an upswing that goes beyond the purely economic. An upswing that encompasses all of social life in its strength and diversity: education and culture, work and digitization, cutting-edge research and science. "

"With this federal election program we are presenting a vitamin injection for this country."

The title of the draft program “Germany. Everything is in there. ”Reflects the certainty that this country has everything we need to cope with the crises and challenges of the present. Annalena Baerbock: “Germany can do so much more. This decade can become a decade of courageous doing and success. A decade of modernization. "

The global crises of this time - first and foremost the climate crisis as a true human crisis - would affect our lives and endanger freedom, security and prosperity. Therefore, it is now time for politics to finally outgrow itself, said Baerbock. Good work and fair wages, a good infrastructure, good schools and good health care are central to making a good life possible. Just like research, a boost in digitization and climate protection. Baerbock: "We are initiating a phase of urgently needed future investments and creating climate-friendly prosperity for everyone."

"Germany can do so much more. This decade can be a decade of courageous action and success."

The green draft program makes a comprehensive offer to the breadth of society. With concrete and ambitious projects that would provide well-founded answers in all policy areas. It is about breaking the dusty understanding of power and tackling the tasks that lie ahead of us as a team together with society in a strong Europe.

The draft program will be discussed by the green delegates at the party congress from June 11th to 13th and finally decided. Before that, all green members can submit amendments to the green application by April 30th. On March 23rd from 6:30 p.m. Federal Chairwoman Annalena Baerbock and Federal Political Director Michael Kellner will discuss the draft in a webinar. You can register for it here.

Chapter 1: Protecting livelihoods

Chapter 2: Doing business in the future

Chapter 3: Ensure Solidarity

Chapter 4: Enabling Education and Research

Chapter 5: Living Together

Chapter 6: Working together internationally

More than 7,000 people want to work together actively for a better future - with workshops, campaigns on the street or as part of the election campaign team. #We will be with you. Are you in?