How do I identify a YouTube music

YouTube: Recognizing Music - The Best Practices

On YouTube you can watch videos from all imaginable areas. Much of the moving image content is accompanied by music. Often the title of the corresponding song is given in the video description. If the title is missing and you still want to know which song is included in the video, you can use tools with which you can recognize music in YouTube.

There are various methods available to you. The easiest way to find out the names of songs on YouTube videos is to watch the corresponding video on your PC.

YouTube: recognize music

You can download an add-on called “AHA Music - Music Recognition” in the Google Chrome browser on your computer.

  • After the installation, the extension runs in the background.
  • Controls the video on YouTube in which you want to recognize the song.
  • Plays the video.
  • Then press the blue icon with the white magnifying glass in the top right corner.
  • A new menu opens.
  • After a short waiting time, the song title and artist will be displayed.
  • In addition, there are links to music streaming services such as Deezer or Spotify, where you can listen to the found song again in full length.

Some time ago there was the “” app, which could also identify music in YouTube videos. However, the service was discontinued. The app is still available in the Google Play Store, but as you can see from the comments, it is only an advertising app with no recognizable function.

Finding out song names in YouTube videos: That's how it works too

Alternatively, you can also use one of the popular smartphone apps for music recognition such as Shazam. If you are out and about with your smartphone, it is best to save the corresponding video so that you can watch it later on the “big” computer with the help of the appropriate tools. Note, however, that the music recognition programs on YouTube also have their limits. The song must be registered in the relevant database. In addition, it must be able to be heard in the video reasonably and without background noise and it must be played long enough so that the song from the YouTube video can be compared with the database.

More tips and tricks for YouTube (video):

If the song cannot be recognized from the YouTube video, it is usually worth taking a look at the comments below the video. In the case of catchy tunes, other users have usually already asked for the song title, so a corresponding information could already have been given by a resourceful viewer. In addition, you can of course become active in the community yourself and ask for the name of the song.

Tip: This is how you can write private messages on YouTube.

The detour via the lyrics can often help to find songs again. Make a note of some passages from the lyrics and then enter them into a search engine such as Google. In many cases you will then be redirected to a website with lyrics that tell you the name of the song from the YouTube video.

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