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Austria has to vote again


1 Economy When craftsmen become managers e Photos: Major fire in Langenschade e Photos: Police work at uro schools in Gera e OTZ job portal: Sports training start at the ZFCMeuselwitz newspaper for Greiz and the surrounding area INDEPENDENT TGSZITUNG Saturday ,. July 0 F year / number price, 0 uro Zeulenroda-Triebes put an end to the local Holzwurm and Hausbock. The Protestant church in rnsgrün is well packed these days. The roof of the nave and the tower are wrapped in huge sheeting, the edges are held together with adhesive tape. This airtight packaging is necessary because the woodworm and the house buck as well as all other wood pests are put to an end inside the church for three days. Thousands of these three to five millimeter large pests have looked for a domicile in the church and not only destroy the framework, mpore and all other elements inside the church are affected. The destruction takes place with the help of a sulfuryl difluoride, a gas that is odorless and colorless. After three days when nobody is allowed to enter the church, the gas is sucked out again and the house is ventilated. The gas would not cause any damage inside the church, said Marco Müller, managing director of the construction company Groli from Dresden. The green people called out a week of the woodworm. hhe OTZamWochenende In the journal: e adventures on the Kammweg: the father of the Rennsteig run In the travel journal: e pilgrims: looking for peace or yourself e hiking in the US weather After a friendly start, clouds gather. Up to grade. Dax., Stock exchange +0,% .0.0 (previous day) uro (ZB rate) +0.0%, $, 0 (previous day) crude oil, Brent, $, 0%, (previous day) 0 By Tino Zippel Austria have to choose Vienna again. The Constitutional Court (VfGH) has the runoff election from. May canceled due to many formal errors. This means that in autumn there will be another duel between the Green Lexander Van der Bellen and the FPÖ candidate Norbert Hofer. The mts business of Federal President Heinz Fischer, who is leaving mt on July after twelve years, will take over the presidium of the National Council, to which Hofer belongs, until then. The aim of the judgment is to strengthen trust in our constitutional state and thus in our democracy, said VfGH President Gerhart Holzinger. The counting of the votes of the postal voters did not result in electoral fraud, but processes such as the premature opening and improper storage of the envelopes as well as the partial counting by unauthorized persons are reason enough for a new edition. The electoral law is strict. FPÖ candidate Hofer lost only 000 votes to Van der Bellen after the postal votes were counted. t was the closest election result in the history of the lpen republic. The FPÖ had challenged the result in early June and complained about irregularities in the electoral districts. According to the Ministry of the Interior, the new edition will cost taxpayers ten million euros. To clarify the FPÖ allegations, the VfGH heard witnesses from the district election authorities on several days of the trial. Numerous electoral officials admitted violations of the rules at ltenburg during surveys. The technical relief organization wants to help with digital dangers in the future, announced the state representative Manuel lmanzor in the run-up to the ceremony for the 0-year anniversary. Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU) is expected today at the event in Ltenburg Castle. So far we have been using a lot of analog technology to help with floods or other environmental disasters, for example. Increasingly, human lives also depend on digital technology running uninterrupted, said lmanzor. He gave examples when the power supply to computers in hospitals is at risk or when such computers are exposed to attack. Human lives increasingly depend on this technology, said the state representative. The technical relief organization wants to help secure such systems. We need helpers to count the postal votes. Accordingly, a number of regulations were violated. The court also prohibited the premature nationwide dissemination of partial results of the Federal President's runoff election to the media and research institutes. This process was one of the reasons for the nationwide suspension of the runoff election, said Holzinger. This publication violates the principle of freedom of choice, the President said. It cannot be ruled out that the transfer to selected recipients could have an influence on the result. Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka now wants to work with Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz (both ÖVP) to ensure that election observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSZ) are deployed in the districts that made mistakes. Sobotka said it was still unclear whether there would be any personal consequences in the authorities. The government wants to discuss the exact date of the runoff election for the highest mt in the state next week. The German federal government sees no consequences for the relationship between Berlin and Vienna because of the re-election. a comment dpa Technical Relief Organization is preparing for digital dangers By Martin Debes Looking forward to the international classic against Italy The nine-year-old Marit is currently visiting her grandparents in Zeulenroda. She's a big football fan. The Greens were happy too soon. Your candidate Lexander Van der Bellen has to go back into the ring. The presidential election will be repeated due to irregularities. successful for the right wing FPÖ. The regional association is celebrating its 0 year anniversary today with a ceremony in ltenburg. Popular initiative starts at. ugust The referendum against the planned regional reform in Thuringia is to begin immediately after the end of the summer vacation. Preparations have started, said the initiative's spokeswoman, Sabine Kraft-Zörcher. m. ugust it will start. rfurt. At least 000 people must support the referendum with their signature within six weeks. Only then can the self-government association in Thuringia submit the application to the President of the Landtag, Christian Carius (CDU), who will check it formally. The actual collection will begin after winter, said Kraft-Zörcher. Then within four months and presses the German national team today bend in the M quarter-finals against Italy, at least signatures have to come together, which corresponds to the required ten percent of the electorate. The referendum is directed against the so-called preliminary law, with which the territorial reform is initiated. It came into force yesterday and regulates the future minimum sizes for all municipalities (000 inhabitants), urban districts (people) and districts (0 000 inhabitants). Most of the communities lose their independence The association, which according to its own statements has 0 members as well as hundreds of supporters, protests above all against the creation of administrative communities. Almost three quarters of the communities are organized in this. Almost all of them are now likely to lose their independence. The same applies to the majority of the remaining municipalities, which also have less than 000 inhabitants. Lawyers and municipal experts such as the former Interior Minister Richard Dewes (SPD) therefore consider the law to be unconstitutional. They argue that the state must give the municipalities an alternative requirement of self-administration in addition to the commune. The parliamentary groups of the Left, SPD and Greens had therefore recently written the model of the large rural community into the law. There the incorporated localities could keep part of their budget and statute rights. However, the possibility is only limited to 0, which is not the thumb. With it, many East Thuringians are surely looking forward to the classic soccer game and are only criticized by the central municipal associations. With yesterday. July began the one-year phase in which the municipalities can voluntarily look for merger partners, although the state parliament reserves the last word here. The associations are to be funded with millions of uros. he interior minister Holger Poppenhäger (SPD) wants to present his plans for the new district structure during the first collection of signatures in August and September. The models debated so far have met with bitter resistance, especially in West and South Thuringia. It is assumed that the number of counties and urban districts will be at least halved. The reform should be completed in spring 0. bend will probably flock again in large numbers to the various public viewing locations. Photo: Peter Michaelis who want to deal with such topics. In addition, the technical relief organization is currently checking whether it will set up other local branches in Thuringia. The district of Greiz, parts of the Saale-Orla district, Jena and Weimar are not optimally covered. a page display photo commented Is now the threat of exit? By Jörg Quoos In the year, the US engineering award experimented. Murphy on the ir Force missile sled program. a particularly expensive experiment failed because an employee had incorrectly glued all the sensors to the test body. The frustrated Murphy summed up the bad flop as follows: Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Unfortunately, if you look at urope, you have to realize that Murphy's law is currently the supreme underground law. After multiple financial crises, a cacophony in the refugee crisis, a barely prevented Grexit and Brexit, the next political disaster is hailing in: Austria has to repeat the federal presidential election. Unfortunately, the embarrassing new election cannot be ticked off as an alpine farce, the background is too dramatic. With the new elections, right-wing populism in Europe could face a huge boost. Fired by the Brexit success, supporters of the right-wing populists have the chance to turn a narrow defeat into a victory. There would be no liberal-minded Federal President Van der Bellen, but Norbert Hofer from the FPÖ. Hofer has already discussed an Öxit and is diligently setting ultimatums in Brussels. By law, Hofer is already head of state because, according to the constitution, the three national council presidents have to take over the vacant mt of the federal president. So Hofer is going into the third round of voting with mtsbonus. If the FPÖ succeeds in the election sensation, Poland, France and Denmark, as well as neighboring Austria, would take a right course, which would not be good news for the German Chancellor in the Middle. ngela Merkel is desperately trying to save what can be saved with her political weight in uropan. For this she needs every ally, including the little ones like Austria. A crisis in Austria with the Federal President and Chancellor as opponents is really the last thing that shaky Europe needs now. #GRILLMISTR R Post a cool photo now, become a #Grillmeister and take part in the THÜROS grill workshop!

2 Ostthüringer Zeitung page news of the day OCPL Saturday ,. July 0 Ukrainian Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman speaks about Russia, Crimea, NATO and the U. By Jörg Quoos, Gudrun Büscher, Christian Unger and Jochen Gaugele Mr. Groisman, such a young head of government has seldom faced such great challenges. How do you deal with the rbe that you took over from your predecessor Yatsenjuk? I have a great responsibility to continue the reforms. These include fighting corruption, improving the investment climate and fundamental judicial reform. We must also strengthen the security and defense of our country. The ggression from outside continues. What is the situation like in eastern Ukraine? The world needs to understand what is happening: Russia has brought soldiers and weapons to the territory of another sovereign state. In the past few hours, shots from Russian weapons have been fired at our positions. Every day, Ukrainian soldiers and citizens are shot at from Russian tanks on our own territory. Can you prove that? absolutely. Our security services have reliable information. They even have the names of the Russian commanders who on our short notes Buyer of Hahn Airport wants to dispel doubts The little-known Chinese buyer of the indebted Hahn Airport wants to dispel doubts of the Rhineland-Palatinate state government and make the outstanding payment for the land soon. The import should still cost millions of uros. Von der Leyen in Turkey Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) has arrived for a brief troop visit to the Turkish air force base Incirlik. The CDU politician wants to speak to some of the 0 soldiers stationed there. Terror trial in accommodation The trial against the members of the Freital group who are suspected of terrorism is to take place in a new refugee accommodation in Dresden. The reason is space problems. India puts self-built fighter jet into operation After more than thirty years of development, India has officially put into service a self-developed and built fighter jet. The Tejas aircraft are to replace the fleet of Russian MiG aircraft in the medium term. Poland controls borders Poland is introducing random border controls at the Schengen internal border for one month. Travelers to Poland have to leave the border with Germany. July to. August expect to be checked. The reasons for this are the NATO summit, World Youth Day and the Pope's visit in July. Police violence in Rio mnesty International has denounced excessive police violence before the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The number of fatalities in police operations had increased by percent in May compared to the same month last year. a Editor of this page: Julius Topp The door to NATO must be open to us to operate national territory. Russia is militarily superior. What is your strategy? Only the state is powerful if it respects the law. Russia draws its strength from violence and disregards international law. The occupation of part of our sovereign Ukraine is a challenge for the entire civilized world. The international community must force Russia to withdraw into its own territory. The sanctions are there to keep the pressure going. Crimea has been annexed by Russia and a withdrawal does not seem likely. Legally speaking, Crimea remains Ukrainian. Moscow has set up a military base on the Black Sea Peninsula, which is also a threat to other countries. The world must stand together. As a leading European nation, Germany plays a special role in this. Do you want to lead Ukraine into NATO? For Ukraine, the door to NATO must be open. The idea of ​​membership in the Atlantic Alliance also has the support of the Ukrainian people. What would that do for NATO apart from an escalating conflict with Russia? I am firmly convinced that when it is time to get the accession dialogue going, we will find sufficient arguments in favor of NTO membership for Ukraine. Vladimir Groisman has been Prime Minister of Ukraine since April and wants to lead his country into the U. Does Ukraine want to go to the U? How attractive do you think the community is right now? If you are alluding to the Brexit referendum: I respect the right of a sovereign state to make such a decision. About i always believe that one should keep one's achievements. The majority of the young generation in Great Britain voted to remain in the European Union and this is a very important signal for Harm Bengen today. After the Revolution of Dignity, Ukraine has set very clear priorities in the direction of the U. Association Agreement signed, which acts as a driving force for the reforms that are taking place. We have to align our standards with those of the U. a long way ... a lot has happened in the fight against corruption. For example, we have created complete transparency in government spending. When do you think joining the U is realistic? I am convinced that in ten years Ukraine will be in the U. We are going the European way, and for us it means: freedom, human rights and a strong economy. Chechens are said to have planned an attack Is a Chechen IS fighter behind the terrorist attack in Istanbul? Corresponding information comes from the US. For the Turkish President rdogan it is clear where the terrorists are in the right place. Photo: Reto Klar Would you be ready to shake hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin? First of all, Putin would have to apologize to Ukraine. Ukraine has never been aggressive towards Russia. I don't know what to say to the families, many of whose children were civilians - killed by Russian weapons. t is very important to remember and to draw the correct conclusions from it. Reker perpetrator has to go to prison for years Nine months ago, one day before she was elected mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker was almost killed by an assassin, the stabber was now on trial. r wanted to set an example with the bloody act, says the judge. A compromise in the dispute about safe countries of origin is to be reached by detour via the recognition rate. This is what nine of the ten federal states with greens in the state government offer. By Martin Debes rfurt. In the dispute over the recent tightening of the syl law, the Greens of the federal government have made a compromise.The Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court has imposed years for the deed against today's Mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker. The court yesterday found the -year-old perpetrator guilty of attempted murder. r wanted to send a signal against the refugee policy of the federal government, said the presiding judge Barbara Havliza in her judgment. r wanted to create a climate of fear and influence politics. Perpetrator Frank S. had rammed a large hunting knife into Reker's neck on October 0, the day before she was elected mayor of Cologne. The -year-old was in acute danger of death and was in an artificial coma for several days. The blade had severed almost all of her windpipe and hit a thoracic vertebra. The federal prosecutor's office had lifelong imprisonment, the defense attorney asked for a maximum of years. While reading the verdict, Frank S. shook his head briefly on the bench. r had belonged to the right-wing scene in Bonn in the 0s and had already been imprisoned for three years for a series of predominantly right-wing extremist acts of violence. r had also submitted blows to neo-Nazi marches for Hitler officials. According to a point paper that our newspaper has, they continue to reject an expansion of the so-called safe countries of origin. At the same time, however, the accelerated procedure for applicants from countries with a low sylan recognition rate is to be used in the future, which would apply to the controversial Maghreb states. In addition, the Greens require an immediate residence permit for the only syl applicants, the application of which has not been decided after more than a year. You need a clear cut, it says in the paper. This would make the procedures obsolete. In mid-June, the controversial classification of Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria as safe countries of origin was postponed in the Federal Council due to opposition from the Greens. Rudolf Hess took part. Frank S. had confessed to the crime in the process, but he also said that he did not want to kill Reker. r only wanted to prevent her as mayor, whom he accused of a left-wing radical soteric policy. The non-party Reker was supported in the election campaign by the CDU, FDP and the Greens. r did not consider the federal government to be entitled to allow refugees into the country, said Judge Havliza. In his opinion, the federal government committed high treason. On the other hand, r wanted to set an extreme and brutal sign. According to a police officer, Frank S. had also considered an act of assassination against Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), but saw no chance of getting to her. In addition to Reker, four other people were injured by knife stabs in Cologne. The psychiatric expert Prof. Norbert Leygraf had attested the defendant a paranoid-narcissistic personality disorder. r was nevertheless fully culpable. dpa The law, which had already been passed by a coalition majority in the Bundestag, was taken off the agenda again. For a majority in the state chamber, the Union and the SPD need at least the votes of three of the ten countries in which the Greens are in government. The party had previously rejected the requirement to continue to grant full protection to particularly endangered groups such as homosexuals, political actors or journalists from the Maghreb. With the exception of Baden-Württemberg, where the Green Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann feels obliged to his partner CDU, the new paper was written by politicians from the Greens from all ten federal states. Environment Minister nja Siegesmund is one of the signatories from Thuringia. Istanbul. According to information from a US Congressman, the attack on Taturk Airport in Istanbul was planned by a Chechen IS terrorist. I admit that Khmed Chataev was the mastermind behind the bloody act, said Michael McCaul, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee in the House of Representatives. McCaul relied on information from Turkish intelligence circles. There was initially no confirmation from the American security authorities or the Turkish government for a Chechen mastermind. President Recep Tayyip rdogan said yesterday that there is a high probability that the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) carried out the attack. They say they are doing this in the name of Islam. They have nothing to do with Islam and the like. Your place is in hell. A total of people were killed in the attack, including the three perpetrators. According to information from Turkish government circles on Thursday, they were an Uzbek, a Kyrgyz and a Russian citizen. What is that? Constitutional Court The Austrian Constitutional Court is the supreme guardian of the constitution of the lpen republic. r reviews laws and ordinances and is thus responsible for the democratic and constitutional order. The Constitutional Court only takes action if authorized persons submit an application to review irregularities. The court's decisions are made by a majority behind closed doors. In contrast to other countries, it is not disclosed whether a matter was voted unanimously or with only a narrow consensus. The challenge to the election is the largest trial in the history of the court. Slovakia takes over U-Presidency in Bratislava. In turbulent times for the European Union, Slovakia took over the presidency of the U Council for the first time. When he took over the presidency in Bratislava on Friday, your head of government, Robert Fico, spoke out against national failures by individual states. Any discussion that individual member states want to have about the future of the U must run through the U Commission and the official U institutions, stressed Fico. Brexit is a particular challenge for the Slovak U-Presidency. dpa Söder: We want to move to Munich, Berlin. According to a report, Bavaria wants to bring the European banking supervisory authority (B) from London to Munich. This is what Bavaria's Finance Minister Markus Söder (CSU) suggested in a letter to Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), reports the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Söder asked the federal government in the letter to work on the European level for the relocation of B with its 0 employees. Munich should be strengthened as the most important German financial center after Frankfurt am Main. dpa ttacking in the West Bank Hebron. In the West Bank there were several fatal clashes on the last Friday of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan: in Israeli died in a car accident near Hebron after a stranger shot him, according to the Israeli army. The perpetrator fled. An Israeli soldier shot and killed a Palestinian attacker in the city of Hebron. The woman attacked the man with a knife, said a police spokesman. A-year-old Palestinian died after inhaling tear gas at a checkpoint near Ramallah. dpa richt from Thursday, according to the Russian from Dagestan. On Friday, DH reported that two of the attackers had Russian passports with them. According to Russian press reports, the -year-old Chatajew is considered an important recruiter for extremist Islamists in Western Europe. In the early 2000s, the Chechen fought Russian troops and allegedly lost a hand in the process. In 00 he is said to have received political sylum in Austria as a victim of the Chechen war. In 00 he and other Chechens were arrested with guns in a car in Trelleborg, Sweden. McCaul said Chataev was a senior member of the ISIS Secretary of War, who was killed in March. dpa

3 Ostthüringer Zeitung page DasThema OCPL Saturday ,. July 0 Technisches Hilfswerk suchthelfer and new utos Some of our vehicles are older than the helpers who use them, says the Thuringian THW boss. The regional association celebrates its 0th anniversary today and is considering founding new local associations. By Tino Zippel ltenburg. In many cases, when streets are flooded, it is not just the fire brigade who can help. Mostly blue vehicles with blue lights also arrive: the Technische Hilfswerk (THW), the civil and disaster control organization of the Federal Republic. The regional association for Saxony and Thuringia is celebrating its 0th anniversary today at Ltenburg Castle. Many local chapters were founded earlier, says the state representative Manuel lmanzor. The Thuringian associations came into being under the wing of the Hessian state association and changed to the new structure. Potential for new local associations checked lmanzor is at the head of the association, which has 000 helpers in Thuringia and Saxony, including 00 officials in Thuringia. The local associations are spread across the country, but the technical relief organization is not represented nationwide. lmanzor names the district of Greiz, parts of the Saale-Orla district, Jena and Weimar as examples. Neighboring local associations help, but they have to cover long distances, especially in East Thuringia. The THW is aiming for there to be at least one local association in each district after the regional reform. That is why the state representative set up a project group to investigate where further local associations can establish themselves. As a prerequisite, lmanzor states that there is a sufficiently large potential to help. Heiligenstadt isenach Nordhausen Sondershausen Gotha Suhl needs to be established in the event of floods as well as accidents: the emergency services from rfurt help with the clean-up work 00 on the Neisse in Saxony. rfurt graphic: Doris Mielisch Sonneberg Rudolstadt / Saalfeld polda there are five to six trained helpers from neighboring local associations who take on the training of the clergymen. 0 new helpers should have the will to work steadily. When searching, the top principle applies that he does not want to poach any helpers from other organizations, assures the THW boss. The influx is very different in the regions. A study aims to show why some local chapters gain help while others lose. In some cases, there are difficulties in staffing the technical train with regularly trained personnel. Increase is necessary in Suhl and Heiligenstadt, among other places. Preparing for terrorism scenarios The Technical Relief Organization in Thuringia Gera local branch office / local branch office for the state commissioner in ltenburg That is why the THW wants to get more involved in online advertising and establish its own career website to address the young target group. Lmanzor sees exciting tasks that deviate from the previous ones awaiting the THW. The relief organization wants to prepare much more for digital dangers, but also terrorism scenarios. In addition, storms and local heavy rain have increased in recent years. The technical relief organization will have to change significantly along with society. We will experience a much more colorful THW, says the state representative. This applies through a higher proportion of women, but also through targeted advertising to senior citizens. lmanzor sees good opportunities to integrate refugees. The prerequisite is that they have mastered the German language and have the prospect of staying. Refugee aid was also one of the tasks that THW managed together with other organizations. The helpers quickly redesigned gymnasiums into facilities and took care of the power supply, for example. At the ceremony today, lmanzor will give wishes to Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU). Some of our vehicles are older than the helpers who operate them. The renewal of the fleet of 0 vehicles could not be carried out of the annual deed of six million uros for the two federal states. A federal program could help to bring the equipment up to date. Manuel lmanzor has been state representative for Saxony and Thuringia since the beginning of the year. Photo: Tino Zippel archive photo: lexander Volkmann Large operations e In the event of a flood, the regional association of the technical relief organization faced multiple challenges: on the Oder, 00 on the lbe as well as 00 and 0. The regional association coordinated the operation with 000 helpers who, millions worked hours. on september 00, the duchess nnamalia library in Weimar burned down. The THW light balloon made it possible to continue the extinguishing work during the night. Among other things, the THW local association Rudolstadt / Saalfeld received the Thuringian Culture Prize 00 for insatz. E After the flood in New Orleans, the THW local association Rudolstadt / Saalfeld helped in 00, which provided a large pump for use in the US. e Local associations from Thuringia, Saxony, Lower Saxony and Bremen were involved in the Pope's visit 0 to illuminate the ten kilometers of the utobahn, which has been converted into a parking lot. One cannot say that this man with the gray beard has no stamina. Now Marioano Rajoy has even won the new parliamentary elections in Spain. By Ralph Schulze Madrid. Spain's conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, the surprising winner of the Spanish parliamentary elections, survived corruption scandals, government crises and intrigues within the party. Even a helicopter accident in 00, in which the helicopter in which the then opposition leader Rajoy was sitting crashed shortly after take-off. I will never give up, Rajoy promised his supporters before the latest surprise victory at the Mariano Rajoy Spain's most unpopular election winner urns. Election researchers had predicted that his time in power was probably over and that the left opposition parties, the Podemos protest movement and the socialists, could overtake him. In addition, surveys had shown that the conservative, who has ruled Spain since 0, is the most unpopular prime minister in history. But the survivor Rajoy countered: I will keep fighting. The seemingly hopeless fight was worth it from his point of view. The -year-old political warrior, who had already been declared dead, was the only one who had reason to cheer after the fateful decision in Spain. r was able to break the political blockade in Spain at the re-election. Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy waves to his supporters. Photo: Phil Noble / Reuters should even build up the strength of his conservative People's Party again. Although Rajoy did not receive an absolute majority, he can at least hope for a minority government in the face of a weakened and divided opposition. Perseverance slogans mark his path Persistence slogans repeatedly marked the stony path of Rajoy's life, who made his way from land registry clerk in the province to head of government. Life consists of withstanding, wrote the conservative party leader Rajoy via a short cell phone message to his confidante and treasurer Luis Bárcenas, when investigators were on his back for corruption and illegal party financing. And: Luis, be strong. These encouragement backfired, of course. Apparently Rajoy wanted to urge his longtime companion not to divulge anything. But Bárcenas did not stand still and gave the investigators documents on black party coffers that were filled by industrialists. And about thick envelopes of money that are said to have been given to Rajoy and other high-ranking politicians. Here too, Rajoy showed a willingness to take: at first he said nothing. Then, when the pressure became unbearable, he declared: This is all wrong. r will not resign. While several investigative reports state that features of a criminal organization have been discovered in Rajoy's People's Party. Mainly because of these corruption allegations, no Spanish opposition party wants to form a coalition with Rajoy after the election. Not even the small, liberal-bourgeois party Ciudadanos, which is ideologically closest to the conservative. However, because he needs a majority in parliament that he has not yet had, Rajoy is now trying at least to conclude a standstill pact with the socialists, the largest opposition party in the country. This could provide that the socialists abstain from the prime ministerial election in parliament, so help a minority cabinet Rajoy in the mt. This would finally end the months-long political deadlock.

4 OstthüringerZeitung page Economy & Consumers OCWI Saturday ,. July 0 b today submission to -uto-premium The internet form with which consumers can apply for the premium is activated. Berlin. From this Saturday onwards, consumers can apply for the purchase premiums for electric cars. The Minister of Economic Affairs Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) announced on Friday. The funding applies retrospectively to cars that have been in use since. May have been bought. For purely electric vehicles with a battery, there is a 000 uro environmental bonus, as the premiums are called, each 000 uro from the federal government and 000 uro from the manufacturer. In the case of hybrid cars that are charged by plug and have a supplementary internal combustion engine, 000 uro is also paid half by the state and half by the manufacturer. Gabriel sees the funding as an important industrial policy signal. Because the topic of electromobility, together with digitization, will determine the future of the automotive industry. Citizens, companies, foundations, corporations and associations to which a new vehicle is registered can submit applications to the responsible Federal Office for Bafa. The online portal for the rewards will be activated on Saturday night. The federal government and the auto industry share the costs of. Billion. More information: Wirtschaftswelt Only four German stock market heavyweights German top corporations have lost weight on the stock exchanges. At the end of June, four Dax companies were among the 00 groups with the world's highest stock market value.At the beginning of the year there were six. Millions for SachsenLB With a further tranche of. Million uros, Saxony has now paid. Billion uros for the former Landesbank to the new owner, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, from a guarantee fund. us Rubles is becoming one With a historic currency reform, Belarus is making arithmetic easier for its citizens. in the new Belarusian ruble replaces the old currency ruble. Preparing for Brexit The British low-cost airline asyjet is preparing for Brexit. The company announced that they would apply for an air transport operator's certificate in the European Union. Puerto Rico under US supervision The US $ 0 billion indebted suburb of Puerto Rico is placed under US financial supervision and is expected to restructure its liabilities. The award is again endowed with a total of uro. Prize winners in four categories will be announced in Weimar in November. By Bernd Jentsch rfurt. The Thuringian Innovation Prize is also at his meanwhile. edition is in great demand. When the registration deadline on June 0, applications for the uro-endowed prize had been submitted, confirmed Werner Bornkessel. Board of the Thuringia Foundation for Technology, Innovation and Research (Stift) yesterday in rfurt. The foundation organizes the competition together with the Thuringian Ministry of Economics, the Tüv Thuringia and the rnst-bbe-stiftung. The chamber in rfurt and the vocational academy isenach have been offering a special course of study since that year. This makes them pioneers in the new federal states. From Wolf-Dieter Bose isenach. The isenach vocational academy is offering the dual degree course in craft management for the first time this year. This is unique in the new federal states. In the context of the restructuring of companies, start-ups and the regulation of company successions, knowledge is required that is hardly conveyed with traditional training, so the reasoning. The rfurt Chamber of Crafts and the isenach vocational academy have now reacted. More and more biturients find it more attractive to study than to learn a trade. The new concept of a course specifically for the Thuringian craft takes this into account, says Fritz-Herbert Stang from the Chamber of Crafts, because it needs well-trained practitioners who are characterized by a high level of professional competence and have in-depth business and legal knowledge. Applicants can register with immediate effect. Interested parties can apply for the new field of study with immediate effect. It starts in October and lasts six semesters. In contrast to a classic course of study, the application in the dual course of study takes place at a company that cooperates as a practical partner with the professional academy. The company Krieger + Schramm from Dingelstädt has been gathering experience with dual students for a long time. The construction company currently has three students, the Thuringian pilot project turns craftsmenManager draftsman Susan Riethmüller and Tobias Funke, managing director of technology, in planning. The company founded in Dingelstadt with employees has branches in Kassel, Frankfurt / M. and Munich. Photo: Krieger + Schramm who are continuing their education in civil engineering at the company academy in Glauchau. And Jessica Kraft has been studying service management as part of business administration at the isenach vocational academy since October 2009. She came straight from the bitur to the construction company and did an internship before studying. The year-old mostly works in accounting. The problem with studying service management is that the practice differs significantly. A construction site is different from a car dealership. The latter plays a bigger role in education. If there had been a craftsman management degree two years ago, I would certainly have chosen this, says the young woman. The young people are deployed with us in the areas for which they show interest and talent. That can be in marketing, bookkeeping or accounting, says Michael Fuhlrott from Krieger + Schramm. Most of the time, this crystallizes out during your studies. We see an advantage in the high proportion of practical work. The students are usually three months with us and three months in B. And after graduation, the chances of being taken on are good. Applicants for the Thuringian Innovation Prize are awarded this prize for the most innovative Thuringian products, processes and services. This year the number of applicants is compared to the two previous competitions in the previous year there were applicants, in the year before it rose again. -Jury of members checks and evaluates applications That Thuringia is innovative in many areas, the applicants prove again this year. Werner Bornkessel is pleased about the large participation, which shows the wealth of ideas of the business location. That makes looking forward to an exciting competition, said Bornkessel. Tobacco and alcohol became significantly more expensive The prices for alcohol and tobacco products rose by an average of three percent. Photo: Bodo Marks, dpa D-sensors and biological filter material, cloud technologies and ten-finger scanners, functional textiles and The inflation rate in Thuringia was 0. percent in June. Fuels and energy are cheaper than they were a year ago. Bernd Jentsch's new coating solutions - in the next few weeks the jury with top-class regional and national representatives from business and science will first review and evaluate all applications. In a meeting at the beginning of September, it then first selects three nominations per category and selects the winners. This year the prizes will be awarded on November 0 in the Weimarhalle. In addition to the prizes in the categories, the rnst-bbe prize for innovative entrepreneurship has also been awarded since 00 for special merits and the life's work of a Thuringian entrepreneur. The personal award honors the entrepreneurial work and social commitment in the sense of rnst bbe. Unlike the categories, however, you cannot apply for this prize yourself, you can only be suggested. Based on the suggestions received, the sponsors will choose the winner, who will also be honored on November in Weimar. One of the most highly endowed state innovation prizes in Germany is awarded in the four categories of Tradition & Future, Industry & Material, Communication & Media and Light & Life for outstanding Thuringian innovations. The jury can also award a special prize for young companies. rfurt. Thuringians had to dig deeper into their pockets in June than they did a year ago when they bought alcoholic beverages or tobacco products. According to the first preliminary calculations by the Thuringian State Office for Statistics, the prices for this were three percent above those of the previous year. According to statisticians, prices in the education system and for seasonal foods have also risen within the year. The Thuringians had to pay more than a year ago for a visit to a hotel or hostel as well as for a visit to a restaurant and some other services. Overall, according to the State Office for Statistics, the cost of living increased by 0. percent in June compared to May. The annual inflation rate rose accordingly from 0. percent to 0. percent, but is still well below the in-percent mark. According to the data from the state statisticians, this is primarily due to the energy prices that are below the previous year's level. Although they increased in June compared to May, they were still significantly below the previous year's values. Heating oil, for example, rose by more than five percent in June Commentary Studies and Practice By Wolf-Dieter Bose More practice during your studies! This requirement is not new. But it is popping up more and more frequently from both students and companies. They urgently need suitable specialists. In the Thuringian trade, too, there is a great need for employees who have business knowledge. in a new, specially tailored course of study should help. In addition to extensive practical phases in the company, in addition to the theoretical basics of business administration, key skills such as sales and negotiation management or business English are also on the agenda. One can only hope that the companies make ample use of the new offer. compared to the prices in May, despite this, the prices for household energy are still more than four percent below the level in June last year. The Thuringians at the petrol stations offer a similar picture. Within a month, the prices at the petrol pumps climbed by more than one percent in June, but they are still almost nine percent below the previous year's level. Vacation time is known to be travel time, which is why the prices for package tours have increased. The Thuringians can save on clothing and shoes for their holiday suitcase, thanks to the first summer discounts in retail, prices for clothing and shoes have fallen. Audience Award 0 to Tobias Spröte (left) and Dominik Burre from Möve. Photo: Tino Zippel Dax Börse 0 Xetra change. Closing prices Div absolut didas N, 0.0 0, llianz S vn, 0.0 0.0 BSF N, 0, + 0, Bayer N, 0 0, + 0, Beiersdorf 0.0, 0, BMW St., 0 , +, 00 Commerzbank 0.0, +0.0 Continental ,, 00 +, 0 DaimlerN ,, +, Dt. Bank N, + 0, Dt. BörseN ,, 0, Dt. Post N 0,, 0 + 0 , Dt.Telekom N 0 ,, 0,0.ON S 0,0, + 0, Fres.MCSt. 0.0, +0, Fresenius S 0 ,, + 0, Heidelb.Cem., 0, +0, HenkelVz., 0.0 +, Infineon N 0.0.0 + 0.0 Linde ,, 0 +, Lufthansa 0.0 0, +0, Merck, 0.0 ± 0.00 Munich. Rück ,, +, 00 ProS.Sat., 0,, ​​00 RWSt., 0 +0, SP S ,, 0 + 0, Siemens N, 0,0 + 0, ThyssenKrupp 0,, 0 +, 0 Vonovia 0, , 0, VW Vz. 0 ,, +, Thuringian values ​​parquet change. Closing prices Div absolute Carl ZeissMed. 0 ,, 0, Funkwerk, 0 0.0 GBS conv. 0, + 0.0 GerathermM. 0.0, 0.0 Hyrican 0.0.0 0, Intershop, +0.0 Jenoptik 0 ,, 0.0 indices 0:00 change. Dax, 0,0 +, 0 MDax 00 ,, +, 0 Tec-Dax 0, 0,0 +, uro Stoxx 0,0, +, DowJones ,, +, Nikkei ,, + 0, exchange rates 0.0. / uro nk. Verk. Ustr.dollar (ud) ,, Brit. Pound (GBP) 0.0 0, Danish kroner (DKK), 0, Japan.Yen (JPY) 0.0.0 Canadian dollar (CD),, Norwegian kroner (NOK), Swedish. Crowns (SK), 0, Swiss Francs (CHF), 0, Czech. Crowns (CZK), Turkish Lira (TRY), 0, US (USD), 0, Metals 0.0. nk. Sales Gold kg (/o.mwt.) Silver (kilo) (/o.mwst. ).00, from-to copper, DL note (/ 00kg), -, investment fund 0.0. usg. Back GI GmbH difonds 0, 00, GI GmbH uropavision ,, 0 GI GmbH Fondis ,, GI GmbH Industria 0, 0, GI GmbH Interglobal, 00, GI GmbH Mobil-Fonds ,, GI GmbH Nebw.German ,, 0 GI GmbH Plusfonds ,, GI GmbH Rentenfonds ,, DeMDWS kkumula ,, DeM DWSD.kt.O, 0.0 DeM DWSurovesta, 0.0 DeM DWS GM&M Typ O, 0.0 Deka Deut. DekaSpezial CF 0 ,, Deka Deut. Köln-ktienfonds ,, Deka Deut. RenditDeka ,, 0 Deka Immob uropa, 0, Deka Lux-BondUR ,, Deka Lux-Deut.TF 00, 00, Deka Rentu-CF, 0 0, Deka Struk.rtrag + ,, INK Intern Gothaer uro-rent * ,, Union FVB-Dt. Rentenfds *, 0, Union Uniuropa-net- * ,, Union UniFonds *, 0, UniRealst UniImmo: Dt. *, 0, WestinvWestInv.InterSel. ,, Further current share prices and fund prices at Nikkei = Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc. Investments: * = Fund prices etc. from the previous day or last available; italics if not in uro. All information without guarantee. Source vwdgroup announcement people Grube next Chairman of Energy Trading Southwest-Mitte Ullrich Grube, since 0. Chairman of the Board of the Association for Energy Trading Southwest-Center, has been confirmed in his mt. Grube has been working at Raiffeisen Waren-Zentrale Rhein-Main since last year. The VH, in which many companies in the Thuringian fuel and mineral oil trade are organized, had elected a new board at its general meeting. Presented by your Sparkasse and the Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen. a Editor of this page: Markus Stelle

5 Ostthüringer Zeitung page Economy & Consumers OCWI Saturday ,. July 0 Broadband: Funding increased The federal program, with which 0 megabits should be possible across the board, receives. Billion uros more. Berlin. The federal government is significantly increasing funding for the expansion of the high-speed Internet throughout Germany. A total of four billion uros are now available for better connections to undersupplied regions, which is billions more than before, as Infrastructure Minister Lexander Dobrindt (CSU) announced on Friday. These are additional budget funds. The government wants to achieve transmission speeds of 0 megabits per second across the board by 0, which is currently available for almost 0 percent of households. Dobrindt had started the billion euro program to support municipalities and districts last year. Projects can be subsidized with up to millions of uro each. Municipalities can also have planning and consulting costs subsidized. The main aim is to stimulate the broadband expansion in rural areas, which is otherwise not very lucrative for telecommunications companies. dpa Telefónicasenkt roaming fee Munich. Under pressure from the Federal Network Agency, Telefónica Deutschland is lowering the roaming charges for mobile phone calls in the U-usland. Instead of 0 cents per call minute and cents per megabyte when surfing the Internet, the O and Base mother of flat rate customers with standard tariffs now only collects just under cents additional fee per unit. The price for an SMS is reduced from to. Cent. Telefónica Germany agreed on this with the Federal Network Agency, said a company spokesman. The Federal Network Agency had asked Telefónica to comply with the requirements of the U and threatened with hefty fines. dpa nougat on the smartphone Mountain View. Google stays true to the tradition of naming versions of its smartphone operating system ndroid in alphabetical order after candy. us ndroid N has now officially become nougat. Another promising option was Nutella. Among other things, support for displaying virtual reality has been built into the new ndroid variant, which should be introduced in autumn. It is also planned that the software will serve as the operating system for entertainment systems in utos. dpa If Great Britain no longer pays into the U budget as usual, the remaining net payers face an additional burden. This is the result of a study by the Institute of German Economy in Cologne. The next few months will show how much this is going on. Von Kerstin Münstermann and Knut Pries Obi bosses remain silent after a union protest Verdi fears that the works council will be weakened and therefore wants to take a nationwide front against the industry leader. By Fabian Klaus Sömmerda. Nothing stirs at the corporate headquarters in Wermelskirchen. This week, the industry giant Obi received several questions on a specific topic, including one from this newspaper from Monday that went unanswered until yesterday. What are Obi's co-determination rights of his employees worth? Trade unionists have a clear opinion on this: nothing. On Tuesday, Verdi called for a protest in Sömmerda. Bernhard Groening, Chairman of the General Works Council, works there. The market was officially sold yesterday. And Groening would de facto no longer be Obi's works council. A similar game in ugsburg: the deputy chairwoman, Gertrud Wagner, works there. The market should have been closed since yesterday. After the employees wanted to obtain an injunction against the closure, they were allowed to go back to the market today, says the Verdi district manager from Thuringia, Corinna Hersel. Trade unions repeatedly go to court Brexit could cost Germany two billion euros Brussels. In Germany, people get used to the idea that Brexit is coming and discuss the consequences for German taxpayers. Bavaria's Finance Minister Markus Söder (CSU), for example, wants to make up for a possible loss of income through savings in the inflated U budget. The previous British contributions should not only be passed on to Germany and the other net contributing countries, he says. The Institute of the German Economy in Cologne (IW) has now tried to bring a little more clarity into the debate. In a study available to this editorial team, IW researcher Berthold Busch examined the U budget for the years 00 to 0 to see which countries transfer how much money to the U fund and how much money they receive from this fund. From this it can be deduced what happens when Great Britain is no longer there. The result: If Brexit comes, Germany would have to pay an annual average of just under two billion uros more into the U budget. The Federal Republic of Germany is already transferring the largest sum to Brussels by far. In a bad mood at Deutsche Bank The bank's logo above the entrance to a branch in Frankfurt / Main. Photo: Frank Rumpenhorst, dpa At the beginning of the week, numerous union representatives from Thuringia expressed their displeasure that the hardware store giant Obi is selling the market in Sömmerda. Since yesterday it belongs to a franchisee. Photo: Fabian Klaus Year 0, the last year that the IW study takes into account, it was more than billion uro. France followed in second place with billion euros. Great Britain and the Netherlands were just behind with a good six billion uros, respectively. Overall, the ten net contributors were compared to states that received more money from Brussels than they transferred. The federal government does not yet see any cause for concern. The states in Eastern Europe in particular benefit from the redistribution in the U budget.Poland got around. Billion uro more back from the U than the country transferred to Brussels, Hungary sees above all the danger that the top management with their strategy will make the employees no longer dare to do it in the future, to demand their employee rights, as they might be of the opinion that the company bosses have the upper hand anyway. That is a very dangerous signal, says Hersel. The fact that the general works council has repeatedly tried courts in the past is due to the behavior of the management, says the union. They can understand that the top management is annoyed by constantly standing in court. But then you have to ask yourself why it happens all the time, she says. According to the trade unionists, it is very clear that if Obi were to move on the subject of collective bargaining, the problems with the workforce would be smaller. But there is only a categorical rejection. They don't even want to talk about a house collective agreement at the hardware store giant. Hersel's ugsburger colleague Thomas Gürlebeck finds an internal survey of the employees revealing how much losses and savings have left their mark on the situation of the employees. Worldwide, a total of 000 jobs are to be eliminated by 0. The company's share is on the downside. Frankfurt / Main. The ongoing crisis at Deutsche Bank is also making employees of Germany's largest financial institution increasingly noisy. A representative survey of the workforce paints a sobering picture of the mood in our bank, stated CEO John Cryan and HR director Karl von Rohr in a message published on Friday. Compared to the previous year, even fewer of you feel connected to Deutsche Bank and just under half of you are proud to hold for this bank billions of euros and Romania billions of euros. In the Baltic states, U transfers account for up to eleven percent of the annual state budget. This shows the solidarity of the Union, which decisively supports poorer members in their development, says IW economist Busch. How much money Germany has to transfer to Brussels after a Brexit will ultimately depend on the negotiations between the states. In any case, Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) has not yet calculated any extra costs in the federal budget for next year. Great Britain will almost certainly still be a U-member and pay its contribution, it is said in government circles. Everything else is reading coffee grounds. work. This is a finding that we cannot be satisfied with. This May, the bank had called on 0 percent of its approximately 000 employees worldwide across all departments without the subsidiary Postbank to give their opinion. According to a spokeswoman, roughly more than half of this sample gave feedback. 000 jobs will be cut in Germany s we are aware that the restructuring and the associated job cuts are causing a lot of unrest and uncertainty, admit Cryan and von Rohr. It has been decided to close branches across Germany; almost 000 full-time positions in Germany will be eliminated. There were still clear words about the deletion of around 000 even at the end of this week. Obi has got us now and can't get rid of us, he says, referring to the union plans. Nationwide, actions are intended to draw attention to the situation of employees and, above all, to show clearly that Obi is trying to get rid of the general works council or its management. The fact that the Obi top, the DIY chain belongs to the Tengelmann Group, did not publicly express itself until yesterday, prompts Gürlebeck to make this assessment: This shows how unprofessional the industry leader is. However, the employees are still waiting in vain for a report on the situation. In Obi's press portal, where current reports are published, nothing can be found. The last report published there is dated August 0. Further positions in other areas in Germany are still being negotiated. Worldwide, the bank wants to cut a total of 000 jobs by the end of the day. For 0, Deutsche Bank posted the highest loss in its company's history at. Billion uros, and the share has been on the downside for months. Cryan put the workforce in the mood for the difficult times that remain: the next few months will not be easy either. Thirds of the colleagues surveyed complain that complex processes, long decision-making paths or a lack of cooperation still prevent them from doing their job well. The management is pleased that, after the many scandals in the past, employees are seeing progress on the subject of corporate culture. dpa ine British flag hangs in front of the DAX display board in the trading room of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Photo: dpa Fewer unemployed in the uro room The unemployment rate in the uro states fell to the lowest level in the past five years. Luxembourg. The unemployment rate in the uro area fell to 0. percent in May, the lowest level in almost five years. Compared to the previous month, the decrease is 0. points, as the European statistics agency urostat announced on Friday in Luxembourg., Millions of people in the countries with the common currency were most recently unemployed. In the entire European Union with its member states, millions of men and women were unemployed. That corresponds to a quota of. Percent. The lowest rate was reported by the Czech Republic with .0 percent, followed by Malta and Germany (. Percent). The Federal Employment Agency had reported an unemployment rate of. Percent for Germany, but for June. In addition, the methods used by the Nuremberg and Luxembourg statisticians differ. The proportionally most people are still unemployed in Greece (. Percent) and in Spain (. Percent). Overall, the situation on the european labor market has brightened significantly. In U states, the rate fell over the course of the year. dpa Commerzbank is building jobs from Frankfurt / Main. Commerzbank is shrinking its investment banking in New York. The institute wants to withdraw from some financial transactions and cut a good 00 jobs, said capital market director Michael Reuther according to an interview with the dpa news agency on the group's intranet. First the Handelsblatt (Friday) reported on the incisions. The bank is thus continuing on its investment banking path of bundling tasks in fewer locations and becoming more efficient. The institute had already relocated n 0 jobs from London to Frankfurt. dpa Funkekauf Raufeld Medien ssen. The Funke media group, to which this newspaper also belongs, takes over a-percent majority in Raufeld Medien GmbH. The Berlin company will set up a new service and event unit for Funke in the capital. Jens Lohwieser and Bernd Ziegenbalg, managing directors of Raufeld Medien GmbH, will remain with the company and will consistently push ahead with the development of the service and event unit with their team. At the same time, the corporate publishing / content marketing area at Raufeld Medien is being expanded further. Park better with Porsche Stuttgart. The car manufacturer Porsche participated in a startup for the first time as part of its digitization strategy. Porsche announced on Friday in Stuttgart that a minority stake in the parking service vopark had been bought. The purchase price is in the seven-digit uro range. The startup, founded in Cologne, relies on parking without paper tickets, parking barriers should go up thanks to smartphones. Instead of paying individually each time, as was previously the case, vopark bills at the end of the month. The pp also shows where there is free parking space. vopark is the first investment by the subsidiary Porsche Digital, which was founded in May. dpa

6 Ostthüringer Zeitung Page Counselor for East Thuringia OCWI Saturday ,. July 0 Save money A lot of leeway with slippers for children Children need slippers by kindergarten at the latest. Öko-Test took a close look at models and came to the conclusion: Over half are poor to unsatisfactory. Weak point: In the endurance test, the sole often came off the tip of the shoe after a short time. Many models are also contaminated with pollutants. Tip when buying: There should be a clearance of twelve millimeters between the longest toe and the tip of the shoe. The prices vary wildly. The test winners Product Note Price * NangaKlette, 0 Haflinger slippers, 0 Hello Kitty children, Jako-O, GiessweinKinder, damage from power failure ?, Millions of Vodafone and Kabel Deutschland customers were affected by a power failure on Thursday evening. Often it was just annoying. But some could claim damages. Anyone who has actually suffered damage as a result of the Vodafone network failure can also assert this under civil law. Before taking legal steps, however, you should first seek a conversation with the company and describe the facts in detail, advises Carola Ibrecht from the Federation of German Consumer Organizations. According to the lawyer, relevant cases of damage are conceivable: the self-employed who missed an order without the Internet, the private person who could not control their bids or bids at bay, or someone who was unable to get an important phone call on a contractual matter. You have to leave the church in the village, but you can limit your life. The consumer advocate does not consider claims just because someone could not google for a few hours to be promising. Vodafone itself does not guarantee 100 percent availability of the services, but only promises at least. Percent in the annual average in the terms and conditions. Whether such a clause would stand in court is another question, says Ibrecht. The Internet and telephone disruptions in the Vodafone cable network that occurred on Thursday affected up to. Million customers nationwide. According to the company, a problem in the computer network in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin was to blame. dpa The transition to secondary school is almost as drastic for children as inschulung. The start does not always go smoothly. By nnette Meinke-Carstanjen New classmates, stricter teachers, more difficult tasks: Switching from elementary to secondary school is even more exciting for some families than initial schooling. Parents can positively support the start of the new phase. Because one thing is clear: failure in the new school would have a massive impact on the children. That should of course be avoided, explains Klaus Seifried, head of the school psychology and inclusion education advice center in Berlin's Tempelhof-Schöneberg district. Even before the first day of class, it is good to familiarize yourself with the school's culture. How it works is shown, for example, by an open house or how user-friendly the website is. Is there information about the school profile, dates, activities or changes to the timetable? Parenting questions that are frequently asked may already be discussed and answered here. Katrin Höhmann, professor at the Ludwigsburg University of Education, knows that the quality of a school can be recognized by the way it gives orientation to parents and pupils from the start. Contact with the teachers is becoming sparse. The first parenting evening also helps. Parents can ask questions there. Which books and which material do the children need now? Are you planning a class trip? Are there any projects in the classroom? What extracurricular events are on the program? How to go When the door slams and the key is inside, the need is great. The consumer advice center Thuringia warns of dubious offers. There are cases in which the police have to arbitrate. From Simone. Mayer direct banks offer the cheapest current accounts. When choosing a direct bank, you should also ask about the possibility of free cash withdrawals. Photo: Tobias Kleinschmidt, dpa New beginning after elementary school: This is how parents could help New classmates, new teachers, new subjects: With the transition to regular school or high school, a new chapter in life begins. The children are required to be more independent. Photo: Martin Schutt, dpa do the teachers deal with conflicts? Do you want to be called or do you prefer to receive emails? Parents should insist on getting to know all teachers, class teachers and subject teachers as soon as possible, says Höhmann. This creates clarity at an early stage and can thus lead to good cooperation. Basically, the contact with the teachers in secondary school is no longer as intensive as in elementary school. You have to accept that and be prepared for it, says Seifried. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that almost every subject is taught by different teachers. On the other hand, the children are of course also getting older and more independent. If there is school lunch at lunchtime, parents can inform themselves about it in advance and do not pay the overpriced locksmith. Locksmiths who advertise with place names are not necessarily from the specified location. That means you pay enormous sums of money for their journey. The consumer advice center of Thuringia points this out. For comparison: the cost of one minute of work could amount to between 00 and 00 uro, while in cities like rfurt the usual local price for a simple door opening during the day is 0 uro. Long journeys are a warning sign. Consumers should not pay such excessive sums and should not sign anything unchecked. If you are put under pressure to pay or if the door is even locked again, you can call the police because that is. For simple account management, banks often charge heavy fees. Some houses advertise with free checking accounts. But the costs of the overdraft facility or the fees for withdrawing money or the credit card are often hidden. Finanztip magazine examined 0 institutes. Study the school canteen menu. Vegetables daily, fish once a week, little meat or sausage: when these three criteria are present, things can look pretty good, says Petra mbrosius, head of the studio for nutritional advice in Wiesbaden. The nutritionist advises comparing the menu with the quality standards of the German Society for Nutrition (DG). The provisions that parents give from home should be balanced and contain protein, carbohydrates and fats. Whole grain bread is better than white bread and lean toppings instead of fat sausage, explains mbrosius. A piece of vegetables, natural yoghurt and water or unsweetened tea as a drink are suitable as a fresh supplement. possibly coercion and punishable. Consumer advocate Dirk Weinsheimer advises agreeing a fixed price beforehand. If the locksmith does not agree, you should look for someone else. Indications of dubious bids are a lack of price information on the phone, excessive flat-rate fees and a long journey for the craftsman, although according to its own advertising, the company is supposed to come from the place of the caller. Another problem is that it is often not possible to see directly where the craftsman is coming from. According to figures from the Deutsche Bundesbank, there are more than 00 million current accounts across Germany. Their owners often have to shell out high fees. That doesn't have to be the case despite the low interest rate environment. Some banks still offer the account for free. The non-profit consumer portal Finanztip has therefore taken a close look at the conditions of different providers. The result: Direct banks in particular score with free account management. However, there are also huge differences here, for example in the amount of overdraft interest. Consumers should pay attention to the fees with a supposedly free checking account. Because many banks advertise their offer as a free current account, but only mean the account management. In addition, there are some fees, for example for the credit card, or for payments in foreign currencies, says Josefine Lietzau from Finanztip. A question of type Direct banks currently offer the best conditions. Finanztip recommends the current accounts of the DB-Bank, the Deutsche Kreditbank DKB, the Consorsbank and the Comdirect. lle offer Then the first days of class take their course, parents should above all keep calm, ask questions and listen but not bother. The children are in a new situation and need support, says Seifried. Do not restrict self-employment Some companies advertise on the Internet with false place names. Therefore, one should look at the imprint of the website or look up in business directories. also give customers a free credit card. Which of the recommended accounts is suitable for whom, however, is also a question of type. Globetrotters are in good hands with DB Bank. Because whoever travels often and pays in a currency other than uro in us, benefits from the low foreign currency fees of. Percent, says Lietzau. Lietzau advises customers who frequently slip into the overdraft facility to use the DKB account. The bank demands the lowest overdraft interest among the recommendations at. Percent. m best online ll providers recommended by Finanztip do not operate cost-intensive branch business. That is why it is usually not possible to pay in cash directly from these banks. Who This also applies to time management and work organization. The expert advises that there be compulsory homework times and that you control them to a reasonable extent, but not restrict your independence. You are also allowed to ask how things are going with your classmates and teachers.Does the child feel noticed by the teachers? What about the seating arrangements? Do the table neighbors fit? And how is the resistance to the table? Or does the child want to invite someone else to their home? Sometimes the children don't answer right away, but maybe over bendbrot, says Seifried. At best, the children already know a few classmates from the old class. That can help support each other. Celebrating the transition from one school to the other, as with inschulung, is probably rather unusual. Unfortunately, as the experts say. I think it's good to mark transitions and make them visible, be it in the form of a school or family celebration, says Höhmann. A party at school is especially nice because the children can then get to know new classmates right away. dpa locksmith at work. Photo: Christin Scheide It is also important to know that hits that are displayed at the top of the search engine are often advertisements. You can find small corresponding markings. dpa still needs this service, for which the Comdirect is a good alternative. Bank customers can deposit money into Commerzbank branches three times a year free of charge. In return, however, the overdraft rate is comparatively high, and the levy rules are complicated, says Lietzau. Withdraw free of charge Even without branches, you can easily withdraw money from the banks recommended by Finanztip. The banks are either members of a vending machine network, and their customers can use the C-card to get cash free of charge from its member banks. Or you can withdraw money by credit card, which is possible at most ATMs. Fox tapeworm dangerous to humans Pets that roam outside can introduce the fox tapeworm and even transmit it to their owners. Regular worming is important. Cats and dogs can easily bring fox tapeworms into their homes. To prevent this, owners should dewormer their animal regularly or have its faeces checked every three months. This is especially true if the pets have regular contact with rodents or are frequently in areas with foxes. Veterinarian Tina Hölscher from the organization ktion Tier points this out. If you don't heed this, you can infect yourself with the fox tapeworm. The route of infection is as follows: Foxes excrete tapeworm buckets with their feces. These are in turn eaten by mice. If a mouse then becomes a victim of a cat or a dog, the rodent infects the pet. When cuddling and cuddling with the four-legged friend, people can then easily become infected with the worm eggs. The first symptoms of an infestation sometimes only appear years after the infection. It usually starts with pain or pressure in the upper abdomen. Later on there is fatigue and weight loss. If left untreated, the infection is fatal. Therefore it is urgent to consult a doctor. dpa First-aid kit to protect against heat In principle, all medicines belong in the first-aid kit that you also have in your medicine cabinet. It is also best to pack remedies for common travel ailments such as traveler's diarrhea or nausea. The Federal Association of German Potheker Associations points this out. In addition, holidaymakers should make sure that the medicines are not stored too warm in the car, for example they can be placed under the front seat. It doesn't get that hot there. Anyone who transports the medication in a cooler bag should ensure that they do not come into direct contact with the cooling element. It's best to wrap it in a towel. dpa Secure hold for garden ladder The higher you climb a garden ladder, the more the st, on which it is based, gives way. The angle gets smaller and smaller, at some point the ladder slips and falls. And ladder feet with plastic caps have less grip, especially in the grass. The Safe House in Hamburg therefore recommends using so-called ladder tips when working on open or overgrown floors. These are red thorns on the underside of the ladder rails that are rammed into the garden soil. Floor traverses compensate for unevenness; these are supports at the lower end of the ladder. Depending on the model, it is possible to bridge height differences of up to 0 centimeters. dpa deposit voucher valid for up to three years Forgot to redeem the voucher for the bottle deposit at the cash register? That shouldn't be a problem, explains the North Rhine-Westphalia consumer advice center. If the retailer organizes the return of returnable bottles with vouchers, these must be legally valid for three years beyond the date of issue. dpa a Editor of this page: Markus Stelle