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General questions about online banking

How do I sign up?

Open the login access "To OnlineBanking" on our homepage.

A new window will open in which you can choose between the following two login links:

a) Online banking classic - tried and tested application
b) new online banking platform

First registration in OnlineBanking with NetKey

The NetKey is an important access requirement for online banking. The NetKey is your personal ID with which you can authenticate yourself in online banking. This is issued by your bank and consists of 5 to 11 digits. You can exchange this sequence of digits for an alias or user name of your choice. This allows you to manage all online accounts and custody accounts with just one user name and the associated PIN. In future, when you log in to OnlineBanking, you will be prompted at least every 90 days to authenticate yourself with your NetKey and your password or your PIN and a TAN. Your alias name must consist of at least 7 to a maximum of 35 characters and contain at least one letter. It should be difficult for an outsider to guess.

Where can I find my bank statements?

OnlineBanking classic:

You can find your bank statements in your mailbox.

New online banking platform:

You will find your bank statements in your mailbox. You can reach this with a simple click on the letter symbol in the upper right corner.

All documents from your bank are displayed in your mailbox. Your previous documents are also automatically transferred to the new OnlineBanking. You can also send messages to us directly from the mailbox or reply to messages from us.

For example, in the Documents folder you will find:

• Messages from the bank (account messages)
• Bank statements
• Securities notices
• Credit card sales statements
• …

How can I block my online access?

OnlineBanking classic:

You can block your online banking access in OnlineBanking under "Service> Online Banking> Block Online Access". Alternatively, you can also have your access blocked free of charge using the standard blocking emergency number for cards and online banking on 116 116.

New online banking platform:

If you want to block your online access, click in the menu on “Service & Added Value” on the “Security” tab.

After clicking on the "Block online access" link, you have two different options:

  • Block online access by telephone (central blocking emergency number 116 116)
  • Block online access online



How can I change my alias?

OnlineBanking classic:

You can change your alias in OnlineBanking under "Service> Online Banking> Alias".

New online banking platform:

If you want to change your alias, click in the menu on “Service & Added Value” on the “Security” tab. There you will find the alias in the "Online Access" area.

After clicking on the link on the arrow symbol next to the Alias ​​entry, a small pop-up window with the title “We will forward you” will open. Click on the button "Switch to alias management".

A new tab opens - "Alias ​​administration". Here you have the option of changing or deleting your alias.

How can I manage my TAN procedures?

OnlineBanking classic:

You can adapt your TAN procedure under "Service> OnlineBanking> TAN-Verwaltung".

New online banking platform:

To manage your TAN procedure, click in the menu on "Service & Added Value" on the "Security" tab. There you will find the "TAN procedure" area.

If you want to view, change or delete your TAN procedure, click on the arrow symbol on the right. A small pop-up window will open with the title “We will forward you”. Click on the button "Switch to TAN administration".

A new tab opens. Here you can manage your TAN procedures.

Why do I only see my sales retrospectively 30 days?

In principle, the turnover display is set retrospectively for up to 30 days in OnlineBanking! But you can also call up all sales for the last 90 days. You have to set this on the respective account:

In the account overview, call up the sales for the account. You will see a magnifying glass in the top right of the sales display. Please click on it. A field opens in which you can select a period of 30, 60 or 90 days.

Why wasn't I asked for a TAN for my transfer (amount below € 30)?

Transfers and rebooking of small amounts of up to EUR 30.00 per individual order and a maximum of EUR 50.00 per day can be carried out without a TAN. In individual cases, however, the system will randomly request a TAN for security reasons.

If you do not want this at all, you can contact the customer center and have this function switched off. However, this means, for example in the app, that you can no longer use "giropay | Kwitt".

What technical requirements does my browser or mobile phone have to meet?

Desktop systems

The sales platform can be used on desktop systems with the following operating systems and browsers:


Please note: Windows 7 and Windows 8 Internet Explorer and Windows 10 Edge cannot be used for the eBanking application as there is no longer any support from the manufacturer.

mobile devices
The eBanking application runs on iOS versions 13.1 * with the Safari browser and on Android 8 and 9 with the latest update and the current Chrome.



operating system



iPhone, iPad



Current version

Smartphone, tablet



Current version

Make your browser safe:

Why does my browser indicate that a pop-up window is being blocked?

Some functions, such as "Charge mobile phone", are currently still opened in a new window. You have to allow the pop-ups for online banking once, then you can access the functions without restriction.

How long can I see account transactions in Internet banking?

The sales are stored for 90 days. After that, they are no longer visible.

I blocked my online access by entering my PIN or TAN incorrectly several times. What can I do?

You still have three attempts to enter your PIN correctly. With the fourth to eighth attempt (with the correct PIN) you will also receive a TAN with which you can independently unblock your online access.

After the ninth unsuccessful attempt, online access will be blocked for security reasons. You will then automatically receive a new start PIN by post.

What are the advantages of internet banking over banking with the help of a payment transaction program?

If you use a payment transaction program, you can only process your online banking on the computer on which the program is installed. Internet banking gives you more independence because you can do your banking anywhere in the world. All you need is internet access. However, we strongly advise against using public or unknown computers for online banking. Small spy programs could record your keystrokes and pass them on to unauthorized persons.

I want to transfer the money and the answer is that my credit limit is insufficient. What does that mean?

The credit limit marks the daily maximum amount for transfers. Unless you have agreed otherwise with us, this is - depending on the type of account - 20,000 or 50,000 euros per day. In other words, in the interests of your safety, withdrawals are limited to this maximum amount, even if your account balance is higher. If this limit is too low or too high for you, you can of course correct it. Please use the form for changing the daily limit (PDF) and send it back to us by post.

The internet banking cannot be opened. What can I do?

If you work with Internet Explorer or Netscape, check the following settings:

1. The browser must accept cookies

2. Encrypted pages must not be saved on the hard drive:

Tools - Internet Options - Advanced - Do not save encrypted pages on hard drive

3. Your browser must support 128-bit encryption:
See 1.

4. If you go to internet banking via a favorite / bookmark:
The direct dial-in page could have changed in detail. Delete the bookmark, start internet banking on the EthikBank website ( and set the bookmark again.

How can I load my prepaid card?

If you have a card mobile phone, you can top up the prepaid account of your mobile phone in OnlineBanking.

OnlineBaning classic:

Go to "Service> Additional Services" and then click on the menu item "Charge mobile phone".

It works the same way at an ATM.

New online banking platform:

Go to "Service & Added Value" and then click on the menu item "Charge mobile phone".

It works the same way at an ATM.