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Mucking out - made easy! Your clean up in 7 steps

Cleaning up is overrated. Because genius rules chaos, doesn't it really apply to you? Put an end to the mess: We'll give you the best tips for cleaning out.

The KonMarie method

Mucking out means today declutter. And the topic not only fills entire books, but also TV series. The huge trend can be traced back to the Japanese organizational talent Marie Kondo.

Their tactic is simple and efficient: everyone Thingsthat you happydo, are allowed to stay.

According to Kondo, mucking out should have a positive and liberating influence and change your life decisively. So throw off all your ballast and create a basis for a tidy and organized future. Not just for the next few days, but in the long term.

The KonMarie method differs in one particular point from classic tidying up. It is not decided what you no longer need, but which objects make you happy. You don't need items that don't make you happy either in your life or in the farthest corner of your closet. You dispose of these things.

The KonMarie method consists of the following steps:

Muck out according to categories

Before cleaning up, there is always mucking out. Decide which things can stay and which to say goodbye to. Go in when mucking out Categories and start with the am least emotionallycharged.

Kondo recommends starting with clothing. Then books and paperwork. Photos at the end. Because this is where you will find it hardest to throw away.

Do you still have an old MP3 player lying around? According to Marie Kondo, broken things must be disposed of immediately. They can no longer fulfill their purpose and they no longer produce positive benefits.

Make sub-categories out of categories

In order not to lose track of things, it is helpful to turn categories into sub-categories. For example, order dress in Summer and winter clothing. You consider each sub-category individually when clearing out.

Does the item make you happy? Does it spark joy in you?

Answer this question about every subject. To do this, you take each object in your hand and ask yourself whether it makes you happy or not. What makes you happy, everything else has to go.
Keep in mind that mucking out something does not necessarily mean throwing the item in the bin. You can donate many things or give them to friends or relatives.

After the mucking out comes the organizing

Create one for each item fixed place. Here too, proceed according to categories. Things in the same category belong in one place.

If you only have things that make you happy, you will feel happier in your daily life.

7 steps to mucking out for everyday life

A tidy environment helps us to tackle the challenges of a new week, month or year in a more organized manner.

Nevertheless, in a normal everyday life between work, university and the like, it is difficult to clean out radically. That is why we recommend investing some time every day mucking out or tidying up: This will keep you motivated.

And: The task doesn't completely take you by surprise. We give you tips on how to bring more order to your stressful everyday life in seven days.

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Day 1 & Day 2: clothes

Focus on the seasonal goods. Deciding now what to wear or not to wear next winter is pretty hard. So now at the latest, stow your winter clothes in a separate place. After all, you won't need it for a few months.

This will also make sorting out your summer clothes easier. What clothes have you never worn before? Spread out all of your clothes on your floor. In this way, become more aware of what you have and what you may have forgotten to own.

Sort out the things that you can't imagine wearing yet. As always, be realistic. There are many ways to donate warm clothing, especially in winter.

Day 3: bags

Today you go through all your pockets. Jacket pockets, trouser pockets, sports bags, work bags. Throw away everything that is unnecessary. packagings, used handkerchiefs, crumpled flyers. Do you sometimes find things in your pockets that you can't explain how they got there? Bring these things back to their original place.

Day 4: Kitchen

At the end of the year in particular, the kitchen is very busy. It can get really chaotic. Do not mistake your work surface in the kitchen for a shelf: Put away devices that you do not use every day. Sort out things that you use once every six months. Don't throw things away, ask friends and acquaintances or donate your kitchen appliances. Go through your pantry once and sort out foodthat have long since reached their best-before date.

But: did you know that the best-before date is not an expiration date? Most foods can still be consumed beyond their best-before date. Especially if you've stored them properly. Trust your eyes and nose to judge.

Give Food away for you no use find. Or make up your mind to finally cook something with it. Then position them at the very front of your pantry. And consciously choose recipes with this ingredient.

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Day 5: wallet

One of those places where things pile up without you even realizing it. ThrowBillthat you no longer need, gone. The same applies expired customer cards. Simply arrange the cards that you rarely need further back. So you always have the cards you need to hand.

Day 6: paperwork

Do you also have this one corner on your table where unwanted advertising letters collect? Flyers, offer slips and daily newspapers are quickly thrown away.

Let's be honest: you already know what your favorite pizzeria has to offer by heart. Or you can easily read it online.

Day 7: Digital Life

We don't just want to detach ourselves from material things. Because in our current age, there is also a lot of digital accumulation that we do not need and unnecessarily burden us.

Delete appsthat you do not use or only rarely use. Mobile services that you rarely use can then simply be used via the browser version if necessary.

Go your Contact Directory and delete all contacts that you will never need again. Let's face it, each of us has at least 5 of them on our contact list. Or?

Unsubscribe everyone Newsletterthat you haven't read in the past few weeks. Go through your email inbox for the last four weeks and see which emails are still unopened. Be honest with yourself: now you won't read it either!

Our conclusion

A mucked out home will help you tackle your goals and tasks better. Before you clean up, it is always helpful to get an overview. Make it clear to yourself if things should still have a place in your home. Muck out something every day and don't forget that it can also accumulate quite a bit in your digital life.

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