Censored Google Project Veritas

Whistleblower: "Google has set up a system to control the entire information landscape"

Vorhier explains why he decided to go public:

I have the documents that I have been collecting for over a year Project Veritas to hand over. And the reason I collected these documents was because I saw something dark and nefarious going on with the company, and I realized that they would not only rig elections, but basically overthrow the United States as well.

Vorhies believes that Google has too much power and is up to no good, which is why he turned to a US intelligence platform with his knowledge.

According to its documents, the company maintains so-called "black lists" on which websites end up that, according to Google, are badly rated and known for fake news, for example. Blacklisting them prevents them from appearing in news feeds.

Vorhies explains:

I've published the documents. You can go ahead and see everything Google does. And then they can see the extent. Because I think there are many professionals out there who feel that things are going wrong, but they fail to grasp the colossal extent that it has taken.

According to the whistleblower who shared his knowledge and documents through the US exposure platform Project Veritas made public, "Google has built a system to control the entire information landscape".

He hopes that enough people will now come together and stand up to defend themselves against Google's actions. He also calls on other employees with inside knowledge to take courage and go public with their knowledge of such machinations. "You will be heroes!"

Google has not yet commented on the allegations. However, after an initial publication by Vorhies, the company had alerted the police out of concern for its "mental health".

Vorhies described the police operation as follows:

"They came through the gate, the police, and they started knocking on my door. So the police decided to bring in additional forces. They called the FBI, they called a SWAT team. And they have one Bomb unit called. "

"This is a great way [Google] is trying to intimidate its employees into defrauding the company ..."

You can see the entire interview with Vorhies here as well as the Google documents on topics such as censorship, partisanship and censorship here.

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