What is a deep feature

Retail merchant

School subject: Goods-related processes, 1st year of apprenticeship

All goods and services that are offered in a shop make up the range. The range must be adapted to the needs of the customer and is crucial for the success of the business.

The range consists of types of goods (e.g. drinks, frozen foods). There are different types of goods (cola, pizza). Different goods, which are the same variety, but where the z. B. the size, type or manufacturer, are referred to as an article (e.g. TIP mineral water 0.5L).

Range of products

Wide assortment:

There are many different types of goods. Goods from many areas are offered in a shop. A department store that sells many types of goods, such as B. textiles, toys, beverages, confectionery, fruit, vegetables, drugstore items, electrical goods, etc., has a wide range.

Narrow range:

Narrow assortments only include a few types of goods. Specialist and specialty stores have a very narrow range (e.g. only men's clothing or children's books).

Deep assortment:

Many articles from individual types of goods can be found in a wide range. Specialty and specialty stores have a very wide range. In a shoe store z. B. only offered shoes, but there are many different models and a large selection.

Flat assortment:

A flat assortment has only a few articles within the types of goods. In a corner shop there are a few different types of goods (e.g. confectionery, tobacco products, magazines), but there are only one or a few items of one type (e.g. only Haribo gold bears 300g).

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