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Reddit Talk: The next clubhouse clone is in the starting blocks

Reddit Talk is the next clubhouse clone. The forum and communication platform will thus be expanded to include an audio function. Almost all social networks are currently building on the hype and similar formats.

In order to be able to attend audio conversations in Reddit, interested parties have to be put on a waiting list. The difference to the previous live streams and conversations in the communities is the reduction to live audio. Initially, only community moderators can start a talk. Participation, i.e. in the sense of listening and reacting with emojis, can then be any Redditor. To say something yourself, they have to "raise their hand" and wait for the moderator's permission.

Hosts can invite members, mute them, and allow them to speak. They also have the option of throwing out disturbing participants. These functions are also available to co-hosts who can be named by moderators.

Reddit is testing to what extent the talks can be customized, for example through colors. Participants can adapt their avatars to a theme. Potential rounds of talks should be Q & As, AMAs, sports or radio-related discussions, practice units, feedback sessions and more, writes Reddit on its news page.

Other networks have similar attempts

Facebook had just announced that it would expand its own audio strategy. The social network will gladly and quickly take over functions from other providers. Now there are audio creation tools for creating audio content. These should be able to be accommodated in as many places as possible on the platform. Whether as snippets instead of videos or in-depth discussions. People should also be able to produce and monetize entire podcasts via Facebook.

Previously, Discord had made a fairly advanced attempt at a clubhouse clone. The stage channels are already available. Here, too, only people with Community Server can open a conversation. The situation is similar with Twitter Spaces, which only some users can use. Other networks, such as Spotify and LinkedIn, are planning audio streaming capabilities but have not yet released them.


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