What does the word Noogler mean

We all know the term, and almost all of us have already looked for a term with it. What are we talking about here? From the largest search engine in the world: Google.

It is now the most normal thing in the world to ask your girlfriend: “Can you google this for a quick moment?” Or with the help of the cell phone microphone and the words “okay google” quickly Google Maps ask where the nearest petrol station is. Did you know that the word “googling” is already in the dictionary with the definition: “Searching for something (or someone) on the Internet with the Google search engine". That's just one of many interesting facts about the Search engine giants and that's why we've put together a “best of” the most interesting and funniest facts about Google for you in this blog.

More crazy Google terms

Based on the system of ranking websites according to their backlinks, Google's first name was “Backrub”, which means “back massage” in German. The name of the search engine was supposed to be Googol, but through a mistake it became Google. People who work at Google will actually "Googlers“Called, but not from the start, because the newbies are called Noogler designated.

Google and his animal helpers

thanks Google Street View footage it is possible to visit even poorly developed places in the world virtually. With the help of camera cars and sledges, drones or hikers, the most remote places on earth have already been filmed. On the Faroe Islands a slightly different type of film crew came into play: some Sheep should supplement the missing Street View footage by exploring the islands with an action cam on their backs. Even if the idea did not come directly from Google, they were so enthusiastic about the action there that they added the missing recordings, although this was not planned for the islands at the time.

Google itself also uses animal helpers in the Google Plex a. Because lawnmowers are noisy and not good for the environment, around 200 goats graze the lawn around the Google campus.

The story of the Google founders and what Yahoo!

The Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin actually wanted to be scientifically active and tried to sell the search engine they had developed. In 1997 they were even ready to sell the skeleton of today's search engine giant for a million US dollars, but no one was interested, including Yahoo! declined with thanks. When you came to Yahoo! In 2002, changing his mind, Yahoo! $ 3 billion for Google, which the founders were no longer interested in. Today, Page and Brin are among the richest people in the United States and their corporation is worth a whopping 150 billion US dollars. Meanwhile, Yahoo! for sale, but potential buyers are sometimes a long time coming.

Finally, we have collected 5 short facts about Google for you:
  1. Google receives a whopping 2 million search queries per second.
  2. Google owns all domains that users could inadvertently enter through typing errors: gogle.com, gooogle.com, googlr.com, etc.
  3. Google employees are allowed to use 20% of their working time for their own projects every day. Among other things, this resulted in Google News or Orkut.
  4. A skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex on the Google campus is intended to remind employees not to let Google become extinct.
  5. You can plan your wedding with the Google Wedding service.

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