Who invented the doll?

The story of dolls - a classic as old as mankind

Dolls were important as early as the Stone Age

The word doll is based on the word “pupa” and that means “girl” in Latin. It is almost clear why the girls' favorite toy is called “doll”.
As early as the Stone Age, remains of stones and bones that belonged to dolls were found. It is assumed, however, that these dolls are not necessarily just for play, but rather for religious matters were used.

The story of the popular toy really begins in the early 15th century. Doll production began on a commercial level and things really started around the 19th century. The doll experienced its heyday, was figuratively reproduced from humans and received filigree faces and beautiful clothes of the fashion of the time. Girls in particular should have such a role model and get an idea of ​​what a woman should look like.

In 1854, the French author Julie Gouraud wrote, freely translated, that girls play with their dolls in the way that women will later find their place in the world. This clearly shows what purpose the doll actually serve should.

The following table gives you a brief overview of the doll's history:

centuryStory of dolls
Until the 18th centuryUnfortunately there are hardly any finds from these times. From tradition and a few finds, however, it is known that the dolls were made from scraps of fabric or bread dough.
19th centuryThe dolls were made of wood, fabric, porcelain or wax. The dolls were depicted as the likeness of adult women and should serve as models for the girls. By the end of the 19th century, the dolls began to look more like babies.
20th centuryThe clothes were based on French fashion and the dolls looked similar not only to women, but also to babies and toddlers. There were also dolls with characteristic facial features. The heads were mostly still made of porcelain, but were slowly being replaced by plastic. Barbie was also invented in this century and she caused a real hype.

Tip: Really old dolls have a high collector's value today, even if they are no longer in the best condition.

Well-known doll maker

These and some other manufacturers are known for beautiful dolls that made girls' hearts beat faster at the time, are now collectible and some are still in production. Käthe Kruse in particular should be familiar to many. The Faces were lovely like children's and yet could show the most diverse feelings. The body was made of cloth and filled with sand, which made it wonderfully soft. Anyone who still owns a really old Käthe Kruse doll today may have a real collector's item.

The barbie changed the world

1960 was the first barbie create. She was the typical image of the perfect woman and even pretended to be what a woman should look like. While Barbie was still typically “mistress” in the beginning, she developed over time and you even met her again in typical male professions. With the emancipation grew the desire to show the girls that women could also study and so Barbie was suddenly allowed to become a doctor. Over time, the figure of Barbie changed from slim to skinny, which in turn gave many parents food for thought. Did Barbie show a twisted image of the perfect body. Barbie is now available in different clothing sizes, so girls can see that every body can be beautiful. However, it has not lost its popularity over the years.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the doll hypes

  • appeals to the interests of most girls
  • Dealing with babies is shown in a playful way
  • Girls got to know their role as women in the past
  • presses girls into a certain category, whereby boys are usually left out

Not every doll offers added value

Whether and which doll you buy for your child should be carefully considered. Not every doll really makes sense. The latest children's programs are based on zombies and monsters - whether these dolls are the right toys is an open question. However, there is no objection to a small baby doll and not only girls like to play with it. Why not grant the doll's wish to a boy too. You not only have the choice between different sexes of the dolls, but also different skin colors and cultural backgrounds.

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The story of dolls - a classic as old as mankind
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