Is gamestop com trustworthy

(Experience) Gamestop is getting bolder and bolder, not just in terms of prices ...


Today I was "out of necessity" in a GameStop branch, the last time I was there the prices were really good, as always, but at least the (nerd) seller was friendly and also had a nice chat with small talk.

This time I went because I wanted The Witcher 3 GOTY and Media Markt was unfortunately already empty. So I thought I would pay just under 4 euros more for it then. So go into Gamestop, take the game to the cash register. Serves me again as a "felt 14 year old" but it doesn't matter, he then like this: "I then booked the carefree guarantee for you right away, yes? It's only a small 3 euros if something happens" ... I was then completely puzzled : "Is a new game not used anyway, no thanks" ... he says: "Yes, but if there are scratches or something, you have 3 years of protection!" I like: "Yes, I don't care, I handle my things carefully ..." He then says: "Can I inspire you for another game, maybe the new Call of Duty whose name I can't think of ?! " - I like: "No thanks" ...

It's worse than with Burger King where you then ask "With extra cheese or bacon?" I just wanted a game and the guy is acting like a vacuum cleaner salesman .. Is that that bad at your branches too? (What if you have to get in there and it's unavoidable?)

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