What will the lifestyle be like in the DTU


As a sustainability partner, hep would like to give the athletes food for thought. As part of workshops and seminars, they should reflect on their own actions against the background of major questions from the environment, economy and society. It should also be jointly developed how the DTJ can make a contribution to sustainable development in triathlon.

Common interests
"We are delighted that we have found a great partner in hep who, with sustainability, serves a social topic that is also very important to the German triathlon youth", says Mirco Beyer, youth secretary of the DTU, and adds: "Because the The sport of triathlon is very close to nature, so the topic of sustainability fits in well with our DNA. "

“For me as a former young athlete on the move to the elite level, the experience of nature in the triathlon is very intense. It's a great facet of our sport, "says Simon Henseleit, perspective squad athlete of the German Triathlon Union (DTU):" That's why I think it's great that my main sponsor hep supports the DTJ in promoting our sport in terms of sustainability with campaigns for the To make offspring even better. Awareness of our unique nature should be trained at a young age. ”Among other things, Simon Henseleit is German junior champion and junior European champion in mixed relay.

Authentic ambassadors for a sustainable and conscious lifestyle
"It's not just about the professional triathletes of the hep Sports Team - such as Boris Stein, Laura Philipp or Sebi Kienle - setting great sustainability signals with an investment in a hep solar fund," says Ronnie Schildknecht, hep Sports Team Manager: " All athletes on our team have in common that they are authentic ambassadors for a sustainable and conscious lifestyle. You have also given thought to what is feasible and necessary in daily life. We are pleased to be able to support the German Triathlon Youth with campaigns and expertise - for a change towards more sustainability. "