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In addition to human closeness, health and success, do we need an animal to be happy? And does it also help animals to have a human friend around them? "Forever best friends - an animal for life" is the name of the new four-part series on WDR television, moderated by animal lover Lisa Kestel, which brings people and animals together.
People in challenging situations - such as loneliness, stress or weight problems - build a relationship with an animal from an animal shelter or sanctuary. The aim is to find a "friend for life", to adopt the animal or to become a sponsor for a better life together. Psychologist Rolf Schmiel supports animal trainers, animal therapists and doctors in their search for the unequal couple of animals and humans to find access to each other. From getting to know each other through joint excursions, activities and adventures to the big decision: the possible adoption of the animal or an animal sponsorship.

Michael Pitsch (57) from Wuppertal is very overweight and has poor health. That's why Michael can no longer do his job and doesn't move enough. He wants to find an animal friend so that he can have a job and get fitter again. Maybe Lotte the donkey in Hattingen? Because she too has a weight problem and needs a lot of patience and care. Can Michael and Lotte become best friends forever?
The Beitlich family is moving to Hilden after their parents split up. Mother Farah (39) wants to start a new life there and fulfill a heartfelt desire for her two daughters (7 and 9): their own dog. They are sure that a small abandoned dog is looking for a new home somewhere and they set off to meet their new animal friend.