When should I charge my battery?

Charge the battery correctly - this is how it works

Should I only charge a battery at zero percent?

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding the battery charge is: Should I only charge the cell phone battery when the battery capacity is zero? One hears again and again that the smartphone battery should be charged at ten percent capacity. But the list of battery myths is long, so what about that claim? At a lower voltage, the electrodes are more stressed and this is not good for the cell phone battery. We recommend charging the cell phone battery with a battery capacity of approx.20 percent. Nevertheless, modern batteries are designed in such a way that they are not damaged directly even if they are occasionally discharged and the voltage is below zero. They even have oneintelligent circuitthat automatically protects the smartphone by turning it off by itself. But if you want to charge and protect the cell phone battery properly, you should ensure that the device is charged in good time.

Can I charge a cell phone battery overnight?

We all know it and have mostly already done it: Charge the cell phone battery overnight. Charging overnight isn't just thatcomfortable, but also ensures that you leave the house the next morning with a guaranteed full battery. Nevertheless, a cell phone battery shouldnever charged overnightbecome. Since most batteries are fully charged after two to three hours, we do not recommend leaving the smartphone on the charging cable for longer. As soon as the battery power is at 100 percent, the device should be removed from the circuit. If the smartphone remains connected to the mains with a fully charged battery, this can strain the battery. So if you charge your smartphone every night, you can assume that this will lead to ashorter life of the cell phone batteryleads.

Does the room temperature have an effect on my battery?

This question can be answered clearly with “yes”. As soon as the room temperature is too high or too low, this can affect the charging cycle of the device. The best example of this is the fact that most smartphones turn off automatically when the heat is too high and display a heat warning. To properly charge a cell phone battery, one is recommendedTemperature between 15 and 30 degrees. Cell phone batteries can be damaged at temperatures of more than 40 degrees and less than minus 10 degrees. Especially those who no longer use their smartphone should remove the battery and ideally store it separately. This will protect the battery from deep discharge and extreme heat. A removed battery should also be stored at a comfortable room temperature or in a cool environment.