A competitive mindset is important

customer focus

The customer focus includes the regular, systematic recording and analysis of the wishes, needs and expectations of customers and their implementation.

Central goal: Establishing long-term, stable and economical customer relationships.

Practice shows time and again that there are more opportunities for optimization in the area of ​​customer orientation and customer satisfaction than assumed.

The Formula for success the customer orientation is accordingly: Satisfied customers = more sales. In the company, customer orientation is geared towards the information and customer level.

The information level

Customer-oriented companies have extensive information about their customers that can be used to answer the following questions, for example:

  • What do we know about the customers?
  • Do employees have access to databases with customer information or are they difficult or impossible to access?
  • What information is collected?

The customer level

From the customer's point of view, customer orientation describes the realization of product and service quality in direct contact with the company:

  • What is the quality of the products?
  • How high is the service quality?
  • How strong is the flexibility in the provision of services?
  • How open is the company to suggestions from customers?

The six forms of success for a customer-oriented company

1. Personal customer contact

The company and the leading employees should have a close, personal contact to care for customers. As a result, the range of services is anchored deep in the minds of customers. A regular meeting strengthens the range of services offered by the market partners.

2. Get to know customers

The company aims to Needs, expectations and wishes of its customers know in order to ultimately be able to exceed its expectations.

3. Check customer satisfaction regularly

A permanent one Exchange of information with the customer is of central importance in order to be able to respond to customer requirements below. In this way, full customer satisfaction can be guaranteed.

4. Offer solutions to problems

Product quality, service, profitability, fast deliveries and flexible response to customer requests are services on which the company must concentrate. They can be used to resolve identifiable benefits and problems.

5. Customizable organization

With the introduction of a Complaint management the company adapts its business processes and all functional areas to the needs and perceptions of customers.

6. Customer-friendly employees

Every company must develop principles for dealing with customers that serve as guidelines. Accordingly, regular controls of employees in terms of customer orientation and communicative competence are of great importance.

Customer orientation means understanding the customer

If the employee wants to persuade a customer to buy, he must consider the following: The customer is not just a buyer of goods. No, he wants to do much more than just cover his needs, because his demands are more far-reaching than the relationship between money and performance suggests.

Products and services are always interchangeable. First and foremost, the place of procurement (company) is irrelevant for the customer. Cooperation with the company is an important requirement for the buyer. The purchase is intended to meet a specific benefit, satisfy individual needs and strengthen trust in the company. Three points of orientation help with customer orientation:

  • Argue with specific customer benefits that no other competitor can offer
  • Create real competitive advantages
  • Activate the customers' personal motives for action

What solutions to problems and customer benefits are there?

A customer-oriented company defines its range of services based on the needs, expectations and wishes of its customers. Customers are less interested in the product properties than in questions such as:

  • What goals do I achieve by purchasing this product?
  • What problems do I solve with the purchase?
  • What specific benefits does the offered product bring me?

Good services = satisfied customers

If a customer at the company realizes that his wishes are being ignored, the switch to the competition is inevitable. This process is gradual and not abrupt. Many entrepreneurs do not notice the first signs at first. Optimal Customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with the success of a company. For this reason, it makes perfect sense to deal with the needs, expectations and wishes of the customers and to implement them.