Have you ever read the book Neuromancer

Neuromancer trilogy


... but after I discovered the mentioned Heyne edition in my girlfriend's basement and it looks like the book could soon be discussed in the reading group, that would be the ideal opportunity to dispel my prejudices ...

What prejudices? Against cyberpunk? I can promise you one thing ... if you don't like Neuromancer, then you can save yourself every euro for further novels of the genre. But if you like it, then you will likely get the full Sprawl trilogy .. @baseballbatboy to your criticism ... An important point about the novel is the "timely" fiction. If you look around the world today, many things develop as they were described in the novel. In my opinion, that's one of the main things that make the novel so fascinating. You write:

Sometimes I lost the thread in all the fast-paced action. Pretty confused the whole thing, but I think I still get it. The "action scenes" are also described here and there in a rather strange and bumpy manner. Because before you understand that someone is being violently kidnapped, it's over!

What really attracted me to the books was the sucking writing style and the thoroughly sympathetic characters

I think you have to see both statements in a direct context. It is precisely this writing style, including the fast-paced plot and strange action scenes, that sets the novel apart from all others. Gibson's "Streetslang" (I guess you mean these scenes by "saugut") have an authenticity that makes the whole structure of the novel and the locations plausible.

Regarding the technology in the books: Yes it is there and has also been named, but in my opinion a little too little and not detailed enough.

I agree with you to a limited extent. On the other hand ... even more detailed technology would have restricted the potential buyers again. One thing shouldn't be forgotten either: Gibson himself has absolutely no knowledge of computers and technology. He knew everything that he describes in terms of technical "gadgets" from hearsay and observations of kids in amusement arcades. J├╝rgen
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