Virgin flies to Israel

Virgin Atlantic upset Israel and Palestine over couscous

The British airline annoyed customers with a “Palestinian couscous salad”.

The name of the starter was "Palestinian Couscous Salad". And this culinary offer was advertised by Virgin Atlantic in its on-board menu as “a duo of couscous, with tomato and cucumber, drizzled with a dressing of lemon, mint and parsley”. It is "a salad inspired by the flavors of Palestine".

The travelers can still order the salad. But it now has a different name. Now it's just called “couscous salad”. The airline has also deleted the reference to the “Aromas of Palestine”. The reason for the renaming were complaints.

Call for a boycott

According to the British newspaper Independent, a man named David Garnelas posted a picture of the menu on the Zionist Facebook group Israel Advocacy Movement and wrote: “I thought this was an Israeli salad ... apparently shows Branson [Richard Branson is the founder of Virgin, Editor's Note] His real face ... Israelis must boycott Virgin and Israel must demand an explanation. " The post office can no longer be found.

In contrast to a tweet from a less active Twitter user named Dani Williams. The British airline threatens in connection with the salad name: "It is the last time that you get my money." He also accuses Virgin of sympathizing with terrorists.

Criticism of renaming

The airline wrote in a statement that a maftoul salad had been added to the menu. It contains the couscous type Maftoul and other couscous as well. "We knew that maftoul was not a well-known ingredient - so the dish was listed as a 'Palestinian Couscous Salad' and later as a Couscous Salad." They just wanted to bring new flavors on board and never cause offense by naming or renaming.

But the deletion of the name brought the airline new problems. For example, Twitter user Bassam Mansour wrote: "You can't find a more Palestinian cuisine than Maftoul, Palestinian national dish." The airline shouldn't have changed its name to please hateful passengers. "Virgin is morally guilty," said Mansour.

The dispute continues on Virgin Atlantic's Facebook page, including posts that have nothing to do with the salad and its name. Shabin Muhammed Aruviyil wrote in a Virgin post on traveling with children: “Virgin Atlantic, why did you apologize for calling a Palestinian court Palestinian? What's wrong with you?" Esther Aserus replies: “Maybe because Palestine doesn't exist. It changed its name to Israel 70 years ago. "

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