What is a level 1 granite

You are buying inexpensive as well as noble block steps made of light gray granite with the dimensions 100 x 35 x 15 cm, whereby manufacturing-related dimensional tolerances must be taken into account. The treads, front and front sides of these granite block steps are sawn and flamed with bevelled edges. Our granite block steps are frost-resistant and robust. With their flamed surfaces, these granite block steps are extremely non-slip - ideally suited for outdoor use. At the house or in the garden you can create beautiful stairs with these light-gray block steps made of granite, which also elegantly overcome existing height differences. By juxtaposing several granite block steps of the same or different lengths on the side, stairs of any width can be built. If necessary, you can have granite block steps cut to the required length by us. The block steps can be harmoniously combined and complemented with terrace slabs, bricks, paving stones or palisades made of the same or a different granite rich in contrast.

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1 piece of block step 100 x 35 x 15 cm
Material: granite light gray
all sides sawn / flamed, all edges bevelled


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