What is CGI technology

What does "CGI" mean? Explanation and use


You have heard that nowadays there are hardly any fantasy, science fiction, horror and action films that can do without CGI and you wonder what that means? Netzwelt explains to you what is meant by the abbreviation ..

That means CGI: "Computer Generated Imagery"

CGI is an English acronym that stands for "Computer Generated Imagery". The technical term translates as "computer-generated image".

The abbreviation CGI is often used in the advertising and film industry when computer-generated images and visual animations are used there using 3D computer graphics. However, the term only describes computer animation in film art and not computer animation in video games.

The two-minute animated short film "Die kleine Lampe" was made in 1986 and is considered a milestone in computer animation. It was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and is even used for the company's logo.

More CGI films:

Despite the extremely lengthy and time-consuming process, modern fantasy, science fiction, horror and action films can usually no longer do without the help of CGI.

"Toy Story" (1995) was the first Hollywood film to be produced entirely on the computer. With motion capture technology, another innovation then became increasingly popular. The technique in which an actor's movements are scanned and transferred to a computer-animated character.

James Cameron's popular sci-fi film "Avatar" (2009) was considered the highlight, as it used both sophisticated motion capture technology and a fully photorealistic 3D CGI world as the background for the plot.

Have you come across other series terms on the WWW that you do not know or can you think of other examples of CGI films? Post them in our comments. Netzwelt will be happy to help you find the meaning.

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