Has identity politics ever done any harm?

Comment asylum dispute in the Union: The damage has long been done

The CDU and Merkel have never been my preferred candidates!

Should Merkel not draw her conclusions from this disaster by firing Seehofer, this government is absolutely no longer sustainable!

Merkel has allowed Seehofer to establish an alternative government in our country, even with alliances with foreign countries, without having or striving for approval from the federal government, which more than justifies being thrown out!

Merkel will certainly fear the consequences and thus again present everything as without alternatives!

This time, however, no one will do it for her.

It remains to be hoped that Merkel would consequently offer to resign or ask the question of confidence!

Should the trust be given to you, it will be more than time to dispose of this 6% party from Bavaria!

The Greens would probably be more suitable as partners than the FDP, otherwise there will have to be new elections, even if all parties, except the AFD, are afraid of calling new elections, that would be the only chance for politics in this country to give back some credibility !

The parties should now have money again for new elections, because they have made sure of that, even if secretly behind the migration dispute, because the brave election cattle shouldn't notice that so much !!!

Strictly speaking, it is now against me to have to think about new elections, because there are currently. not even the possibility to choose between the lesser and the greater evil, because everything is evil that comes up for choice.

A real alternative that is not influenced by the economy, industry and banks does not exist in this country, but also in no other country in the EU!?!

If there were a country with a real social democratic ecological government, I would have been living there long ago.

"In a country where you live well and gladly" is probably not available anywhere at the moment, definitely not in Germany!