How do I become a professional athlete

Federal Army

The competitive athlete in the armed forces is an expressly appointed hope / achievement bearer in top Austrian sport. Its primary task is to successfully participate in international sports competitions as a representative of Austria and to prepare for this. His positive image as a soldier is a valuable contribution to the image of the armed forces in terms of comprehensive national defense.

How do I become a competitive athlete in the armed forces?

For an appointment as a competitive athlete in the armed forces, men are generally provided via the basic military service and for women via the training service, the difference being the unequal access of the sexes to the armed forces (conscription or voluntary service).

Entry for men:

An application to do basic military service as a competitive athlete in the armed forces can only be submitted to the federal sports organization by the competent federal professional association. For major sports, the armed forces sports officer is given a co-assessment of the athletic performance in cooperation with the federal professional association. The main criteria for obtaining / maintaining the function as a competitive athlete in the armed forces are unrestricted suitability (rating number 5 to 9 for the position) and proof of corresponding sporting achievements by means of proof of performance (form for basic military service), which must be confirmed by the relevant professional association and by the federal Sports organization must include the endorsement. If several athletes apply in the same sport in one calendar year, the federal professional association must create a ranking list. The nominated athletes will be proposed to the Ministry of Defense by the Federal Sports Organization about 100 days before the desired engagement date. After the check, the athletes are called up by the responsible military command.

Entry for women:

Interested women must be named to the federal sports organization by means of a performance record by November / December of the previous year of the desired call-up as a top athlete, whereby the performance record must be confirmed by the competent federal professional association and include the endorsement of the federal sports organization. The application documents are sent to the applicants by the Army Personnel Office notified by the Ministry of Defense. After the complete documents have been received, the Army Personnel Office will be invited to the military aptitude test at the test center in Linz. A determined suitability is synonymous with admission to the athlete assessment conference, in which ultimately a decision is made about admission to the training service.


With regard to a voluntary long-term commitment and thus on the admission, continued stay and retirement of athletes as long-term military athletes with the status of "temporary military person", the Ministry of Defense / General Staff Department decides within the framework of the athlete assessment conference that takes place annually in May in cooperation with the Army Sports Center, the Federal sports organization and the federal professional association.

Admission as a competitive athlete is only possible if the Federal Professional Association or the Army Sports Center has given its consent and there is a free job in the competitive sports contingent of the Army Sports Center.

The sport-specific indentation dates as well as further information and forms (performance classification, convocation and appointment, long-term commitment, rights and obligations, public relations, etc.) can be seen on the form page (DBHLS - 2012).