Which aircraft carriers do the British use

"HMS Queen Elizabeth" - namesake visits aircraft carriers

Shortly before the maiden voyage of the warship "HMS Queen Elizabeth" to East Asia, the British head of state was received in the port of Portsmouth. The aircraft carrier will visit 40 countries including India, Japan and South Korea on its 28-week journey.

Visibly relaxed on her visit to Portsmouth: Britain's Queen Elizabeth II.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson had already stopped by the aircraft carrier on Friday. He had assured that the ship's voyage was by no means intended to confront China. Rather, it is about enforcing international law of the sea.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson obtained information on board the "HMS Queen Elizabeth"

Britain spent £ 3 billion to build the ship. There are several fighter jets on board, the escort unit consists of warships, a submarine and 14 helicopters.

On a long journey to Asia: The "HMS Queen Elizabeth"

The British are reacting to the growing influence of China in Asia. Great Britain is currently massively upgrading its military.

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  • On her 95th birthday: 10 facts about Queen Elizabeth

    1. She celebrates her birthday twice a year

    Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926, but the official celebrations always take place on the second Saturday in June. The tradition of the June celebration was brought into being by King George II in 1748 - his birthday was in November and because the weather was not suitable for public celebrations, it was decided to celebrate with the public in a better time of the year.

  • On her 95th birthday: 10 facts about Queen Elizabeth

    2. She never went to school

    This may sound tempting at first to children who prefer to stay at home and play all day. But the queen had private tutors who taught her constitutional history, law, and French. Even so, she has often regretted not having had a formal education.

  • On her 95th birthday: 10 facts about Queen Elizabeth

    3. She was related to her husband

    Prince Philip, who died on April 9, was a third cousin of Queen Elizabeth II - both were great-great-grandsons of Queen Victoria. Elizabeth reportedly fell in love with the prince when she was just 13 years old. The two married in November 1947. To buy the fabric for her wedding dress, the queen used coupons that she had saved after the war.

  • On her 95th birthday: 10 facts about Queen Elizabeth

    4. She had a personal fashion designer

    Norman Hartnell (1901-1979) was the fashion designer of the royal family for years. Among other things, he designed the wedding and coronation gowns of Princess Elizabeth. According to Vogue UK, Hartnell designed nine versions of the coronation gown. The Queen eventually opted for one that was embroidered with floral emblems for every country in the United Kingdom as well as the Commonwealth.

  • On her 95th birthday: 10 facts about Queen Elizabeth

    5. She never wore the crown

    The "Koh-i-noor" diamond (Persian for "light of the world") is an emotional issue for many Indians. It is often said that British colonial rulers stole the diamond from Punjab in what was then British India. The 108-carat diamond is one of the British crown jewels and is on display in the Tower of London.

  • On her 95th birthday: 10 facts about Queen Elizabeth

    6. She rules the longest

    Elizabeth became Queen on February 6, 1952 - after the death of her father, King George VI. She has ruled for 69 years, longer than her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria, who sat on the throne for 63 years, from 1837 to 1901.

  • On her 95th birthday: 10 facts about Queen Elizabeth

    7. She doesn't need a passport or driver's license

    Since a British passport is issued in Her Majesty's name, it is not necessary for the Queen to have one, according to the official website of the British royal family. All other royals, however, have passports. She is also the only person in the UK who does not require a driver's license.

  • On her 95th birthday: 10 facts about Queen Elizabeth

    8. She loves corgis

    The Queen has been fond of the Corgi for many years. The Queen's love affair with corgis began in the 1930s when her father got a dookie named "Dookie". Elizabeth's favorite, however, was "Susan", from whom she could hardly part and whose descendants were responsible for eight decades of happy corgi ownership in the royal family. There are currently two Corgi puppies living with the Queen.

  • On her 95th birthday: 10 facts about Queen Elizabeth

    9. She is also a movie star

    According to the film ranking website IMDb, Queen Elizabeth II has appeared in over 225 documentary and fictional films and television series. It also won a BAFTA Award in 2013 "in recognition of its outstanding patronage over the film and television industry". The picture above shows a still from the Netflix series "The Crown" with British actress Claire Foy as monarch.

  • On her 95th birthday: 10 facts about Queen Elizabeth

    10. She is not the richest noblewoman

    The Queen's net worth is estimated by Forbes magazine at £ 350million. That sounds like a lot, but compared to the Duke of Westminster it is rather modest: Earl Grosvenor has an account balance of more than 10 billion pounds (11.5 billion euros). In the Sunday Times' Top 1000 super-rich Britons, Elizabeth II "only" ranks 372.

    Author: Manasi Gopalakrishnan