What are the advantages of DAB radio

Digital radio simply explained Listening to the radio in tune with the times

And what are the advantages?

First of all: diversity. The transmission frequencies for VHF are very limited, which is why there are relatively few VHF radio stations in a transmission area. But that's not the case with digital radio. This makes it possible to offer radio for many more tastes than before in one broadcast area. So: for example, a radio station that plays classical music 24 hours a day, MDR KLASSIK. There is also such diversity with Internet radio, but: On the one hand, it is more complicated to use. On the other hand, internet access is necessary - it costs money, sometimes it doesn't work and it becomes even more difficult in the car.

Another great benefit is the sound quality. With VHF you know the annoying noise when the station doesn't come in properly. There's no such thing with DAB + digital radio.

A third point: additional information. Station name and information such as title and artist are also available on FM, but only to a very limited extent. With digital radio, more information can be transmitted and they can really display all receiving devices, which is not the case with VHF. Many radios now even have a color display. Depending on the program, images can be displayed there, more information or simply the station logo - it looks much nicer than just a cryptic frequency.

How do I get DAB + home and do I even get it? How complicated is digital radio?

From now on everything will be better: Searching for stations, entering frequencies - this is no longer available and the radio does not have to connect to the Internet. Instead: plug in, switch on the radio and select the station you want to listen to from a list - in the best case, of course, MDR KLASSIK. Of course, you need a radio that can also receive DAB +. These are now available in many new cars, but there are also hundreds of devices to choose from for at home: from around thirty euros and therefore cheaper than Internet radios. There is also the option of upgrading an old radio with an adapter: To do this, a small device is simply plugged into the existing one, which then enables digital radio reception - even in the car.

Tip: Technisat has a special MDR KLASSIK radio. Simply plug in and MDR KLASSIK is preset. It also has a living room-quality sound that is specially tuned to the classic. And also: a button of luck. If you press it, you will always find yourself directly to MDR KLASSIK.

By the way: From December 21, 2020, DAB + reception will be mandatory for car radios in new cars and for commercially available radios with displays. Then nothing can go wrong with the purchase.