Which city has the strangest fashion trends

5 strange fashion trends for summer 2018

Summer is here! You can tell this not only from the full swimming pools and bathing lakes in and around Würzburg, but also from the fashion that you discover on the streets of Würzburg - and it is sometimes really strange! While some try to dress as loosely and airy as possible, there are still some who make sure to look as stylish as possible at the same time. But there are actually some trends that seem a bit questionable, almost even super nonsensical:

Boots with a summer dress

Boots with a summer dress. Image: Pascal Höfig

Boots are absolutely practical, they warm and look super trendy at the same time. But when it's over 30 degrees outside, boots and boots are just impractical with hot pants and mini dresses, right? What may look cool turns out to be really uncomfortable - at the latest when your feet start to sweat.

Socks in sandals

Sandals and socks. Photo: Pascal Höfig

On the other hand, you could avoid sweaty feet by wearing sandals, for example. The problem: this year it's totally hip to combine sandals and slippers with socks! And you get to see that more and more often in Würzburg. The best thing is to pull up your tennis socks and the style is complete! We also ask ourselves what should be refreshing and summery about it, but what can you do to love fashion?

Sleeveless tops with turtlenecks

Short-sleeved top with turtleneck. Photo: Pascal Höfig

The turtleneck is probably the symbol of a chic, winter outfit and is often chosen when a sore throat and cold are approaching. After all, it doesn't sound like summer, sun and sunshine, but it is actually trendy at the moment and is often seen in the city's fashion stores: turtlenecks on sleeveless tops and shirts! For fashionistas a cool look, for others it might be a rather strange combination.

Colorful short sleeve shirts

A trend that affects more the men of creation: brightly patterned short-sleeved shirts. These are preferably printed with all kinds of plants, Hawaiian flowers, palm trees or small leaves - whatever can be found in nature. Yes, dear Würzburgers, the Hawaiian look is officially back!

All black everything

Black from head to toe. Photo: Pascal Höfig

All black everything, dressed in black from head to toe, is also an outfit that makes you wonder: Why dark when you could also wear bright and fresh colors? Black can really be a stylish and universal color for women or men. Even the little black dress should be in every woman's wardrobe, but an outfit that consists of black pants, shirt and shoes simply doesn't exude a summer feeling. And yet this look is preferred by one or the other.

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