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Books that have been made into a film

From the written page to the screen - many of our favorite works are filmed and shown in cinemas. Occupied star actors and directors, the written page comes to life and offers another opportunity to fall in love with the book again. Be it classics like Harry Potter or less well-known works, if a book has film potential, it will be implemented in the shortest possible time. Would you like to know which books have been filmed so far and whether your favorites are among them? Then you are exactly right here! Because in this list you will find all the books that have made it to the screen. Have fun browsing and voting. Of course, as always, you can add missing books.

Our highlights

  1. Stephen King


    First publication: 01/01/1986
    Current edition: 02/08/2011
    No other horror novel shocked us more than Stephen King's It. The children from Derry town are not safe. Because a being in the form of a clown is up to mischief in the sewers. More and more children simply disappear without a trace. Including the little brother of Bill, the leader of the Loser Club, a gang of 6 students. When they too begin to see it, they decide to put an end to the horror, unsuspecting what they are actually getting into.