Why is a coconut a heat insulator

ELMOTherm hot water / hot water foam process



SingleTherm: Single burner, different construction variants, with electronic device control, operating hours counter, exhaust gas monitoring, limescale protection as well as foam supply adjustable according to water hardness, water tank (1000 l) galvanized frame; a single lance with interchangeable head

DoubleTherm: Double burner, different construction variants, equipment like the Single Therm with a stronger generator, two single lances with interchangeable heads and a flat lance

MobileTherm: Single burner, hand-held, with electronic device control, temperature limiting thermostat, operating hours counter and anti-scaling device, frame powder-coated, replaceable head single lance, also available as Mobile Therm Plus (electronic device control), mounted on a trailer with German approval as a work machine

VarioTherm: Single burner, compact on a roadworthy special trailer with composite cladding and stainless steel inner jacket in the combustion chamber, otherwise equipment as for the devices described above.

EcoFips: New is a small, agile, hand-held device with a water consumption of 4-5 l / min and a connected hand lance, the EcoFips.

Area of ​​application

Paved, i.e. paved or also uneven paths and places of all kinds as well as stairs, also on water-bound surfaces; with d. Hand lance up to 90 m radius also for roof gardens, inner courtyards and very angled areas as well as rail areas;
for the control of Hercules and blackberries as single plant treatment


Hot water (around 96 ° C) is applied to the weed plant surface without pressure and ensures that the plant protein coagulates. In the same work step, a purely biological foam "Organic Foam" (made from coconut and corn) is applied as a heat insulator. In addition, the plant cells burst at the same time due to a sudden expansion of the cell fluid. The treated plants wither immediately and die one to several days later above ground. Repeated treatments also have a root effect on perennial weeds.

The frequency of treatment depends on the type and size of the weeds, the weather conditions during the vegetation period, the type and quality of the paving and the tolerance threshold for light weeds of the respective client. As a rule, treatment is carried out 3 times during the growing season, and up to 5 - 6 times in the first year.

Drive / type of attachment

  • SingleTherm and DoubleTherm are mounted on small trucks, pickups or trailers and require heating oil / diesel (approx. 6.5 l / h for the burner)
  • MobileTherm is a compact, hand-held device with power and water supply from the house connection (burner consumes approx. 4 l / h diesel), as Mobile Therm Plus with electronic device control
  • VarioTherm (a variant of the SingleTherm) is approved as a compact working machine on trailers WxLxH = 1.73m x 3.40m x 1.63m (burner consumes approx. 7 l / h diesel)
  • Operation either via house connections or via a built-in generator as well as a water tank (holds 500 l); According to the manufacturer, the use of surface water is basically possible

Working width and application units

Surface lance: working width 55 to 80 cm
Hand lance: working width from 15 cm, standard 26 cm
Special lance: e.g. to control Hercules perennials
Hose length: 30 m
Hose extension up to 90 m possible (attention, temperature loss)

Water consumption

SingleTherm: approx. 15 l / min
DoubleTherm: approx. 2 x 15 l / min
MobileTherm: approx. 9 l / min
VarioTherm: approx. 14 l / min

Area performance

SingleTherm: 100 - 500 m² / h
DoubleTherm: 250 - 1000 m² / h
Mobile Therm: 60 - 200 m² / h
VarioTherm: 100 - 600 m² / h

Additional areas of application

Cleaning facades or sandstone, monuments
High pressure option (use as hot water high pressure cleaner) available for all devices


Price on request

  • Location-based, ecological care concepts
  • Infrastructural services
  • Rental and leasing of equipment
  • Sale with repair and maintenance service
  • Technical hotline
  • Demonstrations, as well as training courses and seminars
  • Delivery of the organic foam for foam formation