How harmful it is to eat hair

Healthy hair: You should avoid these foods

It has long been no secret which foods give hair shine, volume and strength, but what about food that can damage the mane?Hair is very sensitive to external influences, such as stress or the wrong diet, And those who do not supply the body with important nutrients such as vitamin C, folic acid, zinc and biotin need not be surprised if the strands appear dull and dull and even hair falls out. It plays very special the body's acid balance, which can be regulated primarily through a balanced diet, plays a decisive role. If your body is acidic, this has a negative effect on your mane and so many other areas, such as the digestion or the skin the following foods are particularly responsible for this condition.

1. Bad carbohydrates

Whether rolls, pasta or pizza -Food made from white flour is not only bad for your figure, it is also of no use to your hair. On the contrary - they ensure that the mane loses its natural volume. The hair follicles are primarily dependent on an adequate supply of proteins, but a high-carbohydrate diet provides these in small amounts and those amounts are first delivered to areas of the body that would not function without them. The hair is at the very back in the order and come far too short. But that's not all: Bad carbohydrates also drive blood sugar high, which damages your mane even more. Therefore, prefer to use wholemeal-based products and combine them with healthy proteins such as feta, skyr or quark.

2. Sugar

The chocolate in the evening, a refreshing cocktail or a glass of juice from the supermarket can also have a negative effect on your mane. Products with a high proportion of sugar, especially the industrially manufactured variant, ensure that the cells go into an inflammation-like state and "saccharify" the fibers of the tissue. This in turn manifests itself in thin and lackluster strands, which even fall out more often.However, you can rely on alternatives such as chocolate with a high cocoa content or natural sweeteners. You should only enjoy these in moderation, but they do not attack the hair structure as aggressively.

3. (Red) meat

Meat, especially the red variants, is one of the foods that cause your body to become too acidic. In itself, the organism can balance this acid through digestion, the urinary tract and breathing, but the condition lasts for a longer period of time, the level of the stress hormone cortisol increases, which in turn can lead to hair loss and thin strands. Therefore it makes sense to Consume red meat only in moderation and at the same time rely on base-forming foods, such as various types of vegetables or fruits with a low sugar content.

4. Milk

Milk can also stimulate acid formation in yours and cause inflammatory, even allergic processes. Since products from the supermarket are always pasteurized, they lose an enzyme that makes the milk easy to digest. The digestion of the drink is a real problem for the bodythere are more and more waste products that spread throughout the body. This is how the popular drink can clog pores, which can lead not only to pimples but also to thinning hair. This cannot happen to you with alternatives such as almond or oat milk.

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