How can I learn Tekla

Tekla Structures training ensures long-term success

Tekla Structures is 3D BIM software used by professionals around the world in the planning, design and manufacture of construction projects of all types and sizes. The creation of drawings and lists of any kind is automated and is characterized by time-saving and precise control of successive construction processes.

The Tekla Structures software has been an integral part of our product range since 2017 and since then we have been accompanying our customers on their way to BIM and 3D modeling. For us, a comprehensive range of training courses is a matter of course to familiarize our users with the many possibilities that Tekla Structures offers.

Our experts Sabine Mohr and Enno Brauer will tell you how essential software training is and how you can use the 3D software effectively in every project phase right from the start. The introduction to the 3D modeler is imparted in a practical and individual way, so that you can exploit the full functional potential of the software from the start.

The special thing about our Tekla training courses is that they are tailored to ISBCAD users and facilitate the switch from 2D to 3D with practical exercises. In this way, the working method is developed step by step from the creation of 2D drawings towards 3D modeling.
Enno Brauer has known Tekla Structures himself for many years and gives his training participants very practice-oriented training and can empathize with the participants. "The familiarization phase in 3D is longer than in ISBCAD, but automatic work processes and 3D models are increasingly being demanded by clients and ensure companies have a long-term competitive advantage," says Enno Brauer.

Our training courses in detail

Regardless of whether the topic of BIM is new to you or you have already gained initial experience: Our comprehensive training options in steel and solid construction are aimed at both beginners and advanced users and offer the opportunity to learn with the help of practical exercises and simple workflows. The aim of the training is to enable users to quickly and productively work with the Tekla Structures 3D modeler.
We offer the following training courses:

  • Basic training 1: Using practical examples, you will learn how to create drawings and the basic functions for designing and detailing Tekla Structures models. (3 days)

  • Basic training 2: In this training you will expand the knowledge you have acquired in Basic 1, in particular in the area of ​​reinforcement, and deepen it. (3 days)

  • Individual training: Individually according to your needs and key topics that are important to you. The ideal solution for clarifying company-specific questions and optimizing workflows with Tekla Structures.

"Investments in training and further education are necessary and will be more than offset in the medium term by potential savings", says Enno Brauer.

"I spent a lot of time acquiring knowledge myself [...] In retrospect, it would have been more cost-effective to receive targeted training ...", Tekla Structures customer of GLASER, Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Otterbach.
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Face-to-face training & online training

With our face-to-face training courses as well as online training courses, we guarantee a quick introduction and overview of the software. The difference is that in the online process, the participants sit at their own PC and access the hardware in the GLASER training room virtually. There is therefore no need for a separate Tekla Structures license on the participant's side or it is blocked for the duration of the training. Accordingly, the trainer can follow the models and the progress of the participants live and provide immediate assistance if necessary. We recommend that our participants use two screens. The training lecture is followed on one and the training model is modeled on the other. If necessary, communication takes place via the microphone.
Sabine Mohr is an experienced training instructor and has been part of the Tekla team from the start. It is particularly important to her to convey practical content from the field of reinforcement. She herself was involved in the development of ISBCAD for many years and, thanks to her own switch to Tekla Structures, she knows what matters. "Tekla has a very large number of interfaces to other software products and that makes the program extremely convenient," says Sabine Mohr.

“I was very happy to have taken the Tekla Structures online training course, it was a lot of fun.”, Tekla Structures customer of GLASER

Customer support is very important to us. Our experts on our Tekla Structures hotline are available to answer your questions and will take care of your concerns personally.

"I think it's great to be able to reach the GLASER Tekla team quickly by phone without ending up in a long queue or being assigned to a ticket.", Tekla Structures customer of GLASER


If you would like to find out more about our training courses and the Tekla Structures 3D software, please contact us.