Is Hawaii uncomfortably hot in summer?

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Summer is here. In the Mediterranean, the magical limit of 20 ° C water temperature is now exceeded everywhere. Also on the Atlantic coasts of Spain, Portugal and France, in the canal, in the south of North Sea and Baltic Sea as well as on Black Sea the visitors now dare to go into the cool water. It is best to drive in the first half of the month. Prices and temperatures are still bearable, beaches, hotels and restaurants are not quite as full.

While in south and Southeast Europe can now enjoy pure sun without worrying about rain showers, you have to do the rest Europe Despite the warmer weather, expect showers and sometimes violent summer thunderstorms.

If you don't want to swim and don't find the heat on the Mediterranean Sea with more than 30 degrees during the day always so pleasant, you can even go to the far north in June Scandinavia and Of Russia travel and enjoy the endless days of the midnight sun. end May / The beginning of June is even the best time to do this, because afterwards tons of mosquitoes make your vacation really uncomfortable.

But also Iceland worth it in June. It's not really warm yet. But the island presents itself as a sea of ​​flowers that you will have relatively to yourself until the beginning of the tourist high season at the end of the month.

Hiking and trekking tours are in June in all European mountains as possible as Round trips and city tours outside the Mediterranean region.

A special tip in June are the Azores In the Atlantic. Due to the relatively low water temperature of the ocean, it is very mild with daytime temperatures of 23-24 degrees. Since the humidity is still quite low at the same time, June is ideal for cycling and hiking tours on the islands.

middle East

Summer time = bathing time. Along the coasts of Mediterranean Sea, Black and Caspian Sea it is really hot now with values ​​above 30 degrees. The sun shines from a bright blue sky all day. And no trace of rain anywhere.

Especially in the first half of the month are the tourist centers such as for example Antalya and Belek in the Turkey but not so crowded yet and generally cheaper, so it's best to drive then. If you want to cool off, you have to retreat to the mountains, as many locals do now. There you can do excellent mountaineering, hiking and trekking tours in June.

far East

Large parts of the Far East are hit by the monsoon in June. It not only brings moisture, but also heat and humidity.

But there are also regions that are not affected by the monsoon. These include Siberia and the Mongolia, the Mountain regions in the west China and Japan northernmost island of Hokkaido. For Siberia, Mongolia and the Far East of Russia, the first half of June is even the best time to travel. Because it is mild, dry and the small stinging pests are not yet in the vast numbers as they are later in summer.

South East Asia

In South East Asia only the south comes along now Indonesia and Malaysia as Central-Vietnam for a trip in question. Because while, for example, in the Indonesian tourist centers Bali and Lombok Now the dry season with pleasantly warm temperatures and low humidity prevails, the north of Southeast Asia is sinking into the floods of the monsoons. The heat and extreme humidity do the rest.

Since the summer holidays in Europe and North America have not started yet, destinations like Bali are still relatively empty and cheap in June. So if you want to explore the south of Indonesia on a round trip, you can hardly do it better than in June.

Central Asia

Extreme summer heat awaits the visitor Central Asia in June in the lower regions. On the other hand, it is much cooler and therefore more pleasant in the Mountainsthat make up a large part of the area. who Trekking tours or hikes would like to undertake in largely untouched natural landscape, that is exactly from June in Central Asia


Africa offers a whole range of attractive destinations in June:

The best bathing weather can be found with temperatures of more than 30 degrees during the day North africa on the coasts of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. At the Red sea however, it is too hot for many. If you want it cooler, you can go to the mountain ranges of the Atlas Mountains withdraw.

In East Africa the great rainy season is finally over. With 23 degrees in the highlands during the day and 28 ° C on the coast, you can now visit a region where nature is green and in bloom, the sun shines continuously and there is only a low probability of rain. In the western and central area of ​​the Serengeti Now comes the Great Migration of the Wildebeest, with which the time of the Safaris begins in East Africa. For one too Beach vacation on the Indian Ocean optimal conditions prevail in June.

in the South africa there is southern winter in June. At night, temperatures in the highlands drop to freezing point and during the day in many regions it is often not more than 20 degrees warm. The time is not really good for safaris either, as the vegetation in the national parks is still too dense.

Despite the cold, you should go in June for a very special natural spectacle Okavango Delta come. Because the flood from Angola is slowly filling the delta and turning the delta into Botswana to an oasis in the middle of the desert.

You can also visit the in southern Africa in June subtropical east coastbecause the temperatures are now mild and, unlike most of the rest of the year, there is now relatively little rain.

It is warmer, but similarly dry, in June in the humid tropics and deserts Central Africa south of the equator. The temperatures are relatively bearable at 25 ° C, so that a vacation in this part of Africa in June is definitely worth it.

But there is another region in Africa that is attractive for holidaymakers in June: the Islands in the Indian Ocean. This month it's on the Seychelles, on Mauritius, Reunion and Madagascar comparatively dry, not quite as hot as in southern summer and very sunny. With an air and water temperature of 25 degrees, breathtaking and often deserted dream beaches and fascinating nature await visitors. The same applies to these islands: June is not yet the high season. So go now!

North America

In the southern parts North America it's already too hot in June. In addition, hurricanes and tornadoes occur there again and again from now on.

The goals are now shifting more to the north of North America. Especially in the first half of the month the north east coast, the south Canada and the Rocky mountains for a tour. During this time the temperatures are mostly around 20 degrees and the sun shines almost every day. After that it becomes too warm for many visitors in the lowlands.

But also the Pacific coast of Canada and the northern United States become interesting after the end of the damp spring from June. The milder temperatures there ensure that holidaymakers in this region of North America will still be able to tolerate it after the middle of the month.

Those who are resistant to bad weather can also venture into the wilderness in June north Alaska and Canada go. But he also gets fewer mosquitoes.

Also Hawaii remains an attractive destination well into June, at least if you are not a surfer. This is ensured by pleasantly warm temperatures of 28-30 degrees, little rainfall and not too many other tourists


June starts all over Caribbean the rainy season with a lot of humidity, hurricanes, high temperatures and very humid conditions ... all over the Caribbean? No.

On the so-called ABC islands Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao offshore Venezuela nothing of it can be felt. Because of their southern location, they are not only much drier than the Greater and Lesser Antilles, but are also usually outside the hurricane tracks. Air and water temperatures of 25-30 degrees and pure sunshine invite you to relax on the beach or to all kinds of water sports. And since June is not part of the high tourist season, the port cities are quieter, the beaches and room prices are moderate.

South America

For large parts South America June is one of the best months to travel. Especially Brazil and the Andean states of Bolivia to Colombia invite the visitors. Then it rains little or not at all and the temperatures are not that high either. However, it can be in the higher elevations of the To the getting really cold at night.

If you want, you can also get one on your trip Ski vacation slide in. Because from June is in chilean and argentinian Part of the Andes has enough snow to hit the slopes and cross-country trails.

Australia / South Seas

In many parts Australia and the South seas It's the best travel time now. The many smaller and larger ones Islands in the South Pacific have dry season, but this does not mean that there is no more precipitation. It's just raining a little less. Another argument in favor of June is that the high humidity is now lower. And it's warm in the region all year round anyway.

June is also ideal for those who have the tropical north australia want to see. Temperatures, precipitation and humidity are now relatively low by Australian standards.

That too hot center of Australia can now be visited during the southern winter with its reasonably tolerable temperatures.

On the other hand, New Zealand, Tasmania and the south of Australia are definitely too cold in June ... unless you are a winter sports fan. Because you want to be in the middle of European summer to ski, then that's no problem in Downunder. Because in the higher elevations of the Australian and New Zealand Alps there is enough snow in June for skiers, snowboarders and cross-country skiers.


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