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Get up early - 6 tips for (un) independent morning grouches

There are supposed to be people who like to get up early. There should even be some who wake up before the alarm clock and then get out of bed in top shape. Well, I wasn't that kind of person for a long time. For me it was always a torture to crawl out of the cozy bed in the morning, the snooze button and I - love at the two hundred and sixtyth click.

As a freelancer, however, it is important to plan the day optimally. To get out of bed fitter in the morning, I read through dozens of blogs and magazines. I've tried everything. And so I found the 6 ultimate tips to get up early and feel good doing it.

The 6 Ultimate Getting Up Early Tips

  1. The “a long way up” trick
  2. light on
  3. The water trick
  4. The right alarm tone
  5. The sleep phase alarm clock
  6. Plan sleep - get out of trouble!
  7. focus

Tip 1: put the alarm clock far away

Try to position the alarm clock as far away from the bed as possible. Once you get up, the way back to bed is much farther. It's best to combine the first three tips.

Tip 2: turn on the light

Place the alarm clock under a light switch or on the window sill. Turn on the lights or pull the curtains before turning off the alarm.

Tip 3: water

Take a long drink of water right away (preferably in combination with the first two waking up early tricks). Put a glass of water next to the alarm clock the night before. Take a sip when you turn on the light and only then turn off the alarm. The water combats nightly dehydration and you get new life energy for the day.

Tip 4: Get up early with the right alarm tone

Find the right motivational song to get you out of bed in the best possible way. But be careful: there is a chance that you will soon hate this song.

Alternatively, you can also get a clock radio. Voices attract more attention than simple tones and once the brain is set in motion, it is much easier to get up early.


Tip 5: the sleep phase alarm clock

During sleep, people go through sleep phases of varying intensity in regular cycles. A distinction is made between the deep REM or dream phases and light sleep phases. There are now a handful of gadgets and alarm clocks that measure your sleep phases and thus recognize the perfect time to wake up. All you have to do is enter a specific time window in which you want to be woken up.

But try to avoid cell phone apps and prefer to use real alarm clocks. More on this in tip 6!

Tip 6: plan sleep - get out of trouble!

Plan your sleep, or even better: plan your morning. Prepare clothes that you will wear the next day. Set a specific time for when you want to be in the bathroom. Also, leave your cell phone in the bathroom. The cell phone is not only a real troublemaker when falling asleep, but also the ideal motivator for going to the bathroom. And if you want to tell me now that you use a mobile phone alarm clock, then please: BUY A REAL ALARM.

In general, the cell phone as well as the laptop should be removed from the bedroom or at least from the sleeping area. You will see, you will sleep and wake up much better!

Get up early because of the necessary focus

With the last tip, all gadgets and tricks don't help, it's up to you. Because despite all the advice, in the end you will have to show a certain amount of self-discipline and willpower to be able to get up early. The more intensely you get involved in the “get up early” project, the better you will succeed. Try to motivate yourself and focus.

Once you get used to getting up early, you'll feel much better in the morning too. Our "tested" tips will help.