Why do people like country music

Modern country music from Germany - a rarity?

Is Country Music a Phenomenon of American Culture? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! The most beautiful genre in the musical landscape is of course also picked up and sung by artists and bands from other countries and continents. Time to finally take a look at country music from other countries around the world.

In the first part we took a look at Great Britain and its country boom. Now let us turn our gaze to our homeland. And quickly realized: The country boom does not yet exist in Germany. For Germans, this versatile style of music is still a niche existence. Only Chris Stapleton was able to celebrate a few chart successes here in the last few years. The image of country music in Good Ole Germany is one thing above all - dusty. In addition, Country Made in Germany scares almost all country lovers, if one thinks of the embarrassing country hit from Tom Astor, Linda Feller or Truck stop.

All the better that there are now bands like the Berlin duoPat & Bell there who want to dust off these old prejudices. “Much of what actually comes from the country genre would immediately be called rock or pop in this country. Our dream is to bring this music closer to many people in our country. ”, So Pat & Bell. In addition to Patrick Papke and Isabell Scharm, the singers also fall Ann Doka or Van De Forst positive with their refreshing modern country sound.

But if you look at German hit lists, you quickly discover other artists who have dedicated themselves to the country genre. Not exactly an undisputed band among New Country fans The BossHossthat fill arenas with their rocky country sound. And also Helene Fischer likes to listen to country music privately. “If there is a genre that appeals to me, then it is country music.” Germany's number 1 singer and entertainer confessed in an interview and unceremoniously put it on her last album Your looka new country song in German. A trend that has been well observed lately.

Country sounds as a special stylistic device or as part of concept albums? No longer a rarity. Bela B., Drummer of the best band in the world, Die Ärzte, has already released two country rock albums in German, Wolfgang Petry covered Little Big Town’s Girl Crush for his “project Pete Wolf Band". actor Tom Beck, himself a big New Country fan, brought along years ago Americanized out a great, modern country album. Singer-songwriters have the biggest surprises Clueso as well as television talker Ina Müller ready. Clueso will soon be releasing his newest album carry-on baggage where country, folk and Americana influences are unmistakable. And Ina Müller succeeded with their long player I am the an unobtrusive mix of rock, pop and clear country sounds. Can you say here that this is perfect New Country?

So they do exist after all. Good German country music far from Truck Stop and Tom Astor, which is exactly why we have put together a playlist on Spotify that is worth listening to. Enjoy listening!

And if you know more German New Country bands or singers, feel free to comment on your recommendations!


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Last modified: August 15, 2018