Is it Spain's fate to rule Europe?

Udo Bullmann, en nombre del Grupo S&D. - Señor presidente, querido presidente del Gobierno español, querido Pedro, bienvenido al Parlamento Europeo.

Dear Pedro, I cannot help quoting you again: "if Europe has to protect us, we have to protect Europe". I wish that this would be the motto of all European governments. I wish that this would be the slogan of all European leaders and for it to become the new benchmark which everybody with political responsibilities in Europe has to live up to.

But unfortunately we are far from that. And this is the very reason why we were looking forward to having you here, to listening to you, to this ambitious speech, to this passionate idea of ​​justice and progress for our homeland, Europe.

Unfortunately, Mr Weber, it is not as easy as you make it appear. We're all in the same boat. But if we want to counteract nationalism, if we want to prevent Europe from falling victim to right-wing extremists, then this boat has to go, it has to develop a certain dynamic. And we have to overcome the deadlock of the last few decades, where people in Europe are waiting for us to deliver and for us to take care of their jobs, their social situation, their pensions, their prospects in the modern world of work. That is the real problem that everyone always says that they are in the same boat, but no one develops the dynamism of how to ride through the waves, through the dangers of this modern world. What are we waiting for? We know that on the other side there is someone like Putin who has no interest in our idea of ​​freedom. But we also know that on the other hand there is Trump, who has no idea of ​​our ability to organize social justice in our society. What are we waiting for? Why don't we ignite the dynamism that lies in European societies?

Here I have to say: I really liked what Pedro Sánchez said, because it is a program to bring the European Union together against the background of the interests and fears that people in Europe have. We have to learn to deliver again! That is the key point. Pedro Sánchez, I liked this speech because it aired it, because it sprayed what we need - also need in the next five years of the new mandate. But I must honestly say that I also liked it because it was presented by the Prime Minister of Spain, a country - and here I want to underline what Frans Timmermans said - in which the fate of Europe will also be decided. A country of cultural wealth, a country that knows about its different roots, knows about its history, a country that Franco - the authoritarian fascist regime - has developed and developed the democratic power to withstand anything that wanted to move back into the time of injustice, in the time of the authoritarian state, in the time of the abolition of democracy. We rely on Spain and we know Spain is in good hands.

The program that he presented is a program that my group will take up and that we are working on ourselves. Yes, we say we never want to talk about economics again without the perspective of the working people. But we cannot talk about business and work without recognizing that there has to be this change - a change that will save the planet. But this change will only succeed if we take people with us, if we give them hope, if we give them perspective, and it will not go against people. Look to France and the experience that Mr Macron had to make. We have to make people strong so that they can make this change with us. And that is why the social perspective, the social justice that we have to establish, has a very decisive part in it.

And finally, yes, it also depends on how we govern. The great news that has come from Madrid: that you, Pedro Sánchez, have managed to put together an intelligent cabinet, a forward-looking cabinet where competencies are pooled, energy and the environment, a High Commissioner for sustainability and finally, finally , finally a clear signal not only for gender equality, but also a dam break for qualified women in the front row. I would like to see more of them in Europe. I want to congratulate you! We want to work together on the line you drew today.