Can a vampire grow up?

The little vampire is growing up

Little vampires don't get older, but they do get old in the sense of adulthood. Anna von Schlotterstein is now the chief vampire of her clan and even masters diplomacy. But she still fails to convince Anton's parents that he can spend the summer vacation with their family. The argument that such an educational trip would help in school doesn't help either.

The fact that Anton’s parents split up doesn’t make these discussions any easier. Anton Rüdiger, the little vampire, and his family has not seen 7 times 7 times 7 nights. During this time his world fell apart.

Good friendships can withstand long breaks in broadcast. You quickly decide to forget the argument and prefer to remember adventures that you had together. The book is shaped by retrospectives and loose threads from earlier volumes are picked up and spun to the end. Above all there is the question of whether Anton would like to become a vampire - the question of all the questions that really have to be asked and, above all, answered after such a long time. A thoroughly grown-up question.

The children's book series has also grown up in terms of equipment. A hardcover that, despite the noble, silver metallic cover, cannot deny its paperback origins in both typesetting and paper quality. The format is larger than that of the first rororo-Rotfuchs paperback books; so does the writing. Today elementary school pupils are simply more comfortable to read than in the past. That’s a good thing. But I still have the impression that the behavior of the little vampires and the recommended reading age from 8 years old don't quite go together this time.

But that can also be due to my point of view as a reader. Anyone who has followed the adventures of the little vampires from the beginning has grown older and wonders how their heroes live today. After this volume, which is supposed to be the final volume, the reader can imagine that.

Whether Anton Bohnsack is a vampire or remains a human at the end of the book, I won't reveal that here. One thing he is definitely: grown up. Anna von Schlotterstein has been that for a long time. Your new job as head vampire brings that with it. And Rudiger, the little vampire? Well, apparently, even with the vampires, the boys develop more slowly than the girls!

Information about the children's book series:

Angela Sommer-Bodenburg

The little vampire and the question of all questions
Volume 21

rororo red fox

Rowohlt Publishing House
ISBN: 978-3-499-21725-8

Volume 1 "The Little Vampire" was published in 1979; Volume 20 “The little vampire and the final metamorphosis” 2008. You can find all books in the correct order here.

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