How difficult is the Athabasca University

After the solution was deployed, its benefits became apparent almost immediately. At all locations, employees were able to call up the extracts from the student register when they needed them. The average evaluation time for the retrieval of documents has been shortened considerably, thereby reducing the processing time of the responsible team. Employee satisfaction was high on this project as it reduced the time spent searching for documents frustratingly. The microfilm and microfiche tapes were used as rarely as possible.

The Athabasca University team is now planning to introduce comparable systems in other departments of the university. As in the case of the Student Secretariat, these departments currently process many of the documents they need manually - from applications to invoices.

In addition, Athabasca University believes it will save costs by introducing a program that uses the system to mark exams. While Athabasca University is a distance learning college, it has several exam centers across Canada and the United States. The exams taken by the students are sent to the university by post.
By giving exam centers the ability to scan and email exam papers, they can be automatically captured in Alfresco. They will be saved in a folder and emailed from there to the respective professor. After the grades have been awarded, the exams are sent back to the students by email.

Apart from the immediate cost and time savings, the administration has also improved significantly. Security is now stricter and Athabasca University must comply with the Alberta Provincial Freedom of Information and Personal Data Protection Act (FOIP).