Why does Trump hate refugees

UN Secretary General: USA are not allowed to separate families on entry

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has urged US President Donald Trump not to separate families when entering the US illegally. Immigrant children should not be traumatized by this, said his spokesman in New York. "The family unity must be preserved." Refugees and migrants must always be treated with respect and dignity and in accordance with international law.

Almost 2,000 parents were separated from their children by US authorities at the border between mid-April and late May. Doctors warn that a procedure that could lead to lifelong trauma in the often young children.

Melania Trump turns on

The US First Lady Melania Trump had already spoken out strongly against the action of the authorities. "Ms. Trump hates seeing children being separated from her family and hopes that the two camps can finally agree on a successful immigration reform in Congress," her spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham told CNN.

Melania Trump is committed to the well-being of families

The US government announced on Friday that as part of its new "zero tolerance" policy, between April 19 and May 31, 1995, children were separated from their parents. 1940 mothers and fathers were therefore affected by the measure during this period.

It is a common law enforcement norm that children are not incarcerated with their parents, it said. They would be placed in special facilities or with foster families. However, infants are not separated from their mothers.

The White House is behind this policy - even if an advisor to US President Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, admitted on NBC: "Nobody likes to see babies that are torn out of their mother's arms."

Also controversial among the Republicans

The practice is heavily criticized by the Democrats, but is also controversial in Trump's Republican Party, which traditionally upholds family values. There are two immigration bills circulating in the House of Representatives, which may be voted on next week.

The US president defended his strict policy. Trump said he would not allow the US to become a "migrant camp" and "refugee reception center". Regarding the family breakups, he tweeted that "children are being used by some of the world's worst criminals as a means to get into our country." In fact, the people affected by the practice of the US authorities are often Central Americans fleeing their home countries from brutal youth gangs.
However, Trump has been emphasizing for days that he does not want the family separations. "What happened is so sad," he said now.

Donald Trump with a prototype of the border wall he planned

In doing so, he blamed the opposition Democrats for the situation on the border. These are responsible for an applicable law that prescribes family segregation.

This is wrong: there is no US law that makes the separation of parents and children mandatory at the border. Nevertheless, as part of the "zero tolerance" policy towards illegal immigration, the US authorities had already begun to take their children away from parents who crossed the border and place them in homes in October.

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