Dorms are numbered like apartments

What is a cadastral map?

A cadastral map is a document in which a specific cadastral number is assigned, which is assigned to each property in the implementation of cadastral and technical accounting. In Russia, these concepts are regulated and established by Law No. 221-FZ of July 24, 2007 "On the State Real Estate Cadastre".

Formation of the land number in the cadastre

The order published by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation "After approval of the cadastral department of the territory of the Russian Federation and the procedure for assigning cadastral numbers to real estate objects" reads as follows: AA: BB: SSRLL: KK.
Here the letters "AA" are the designation of the cadastral district, "BB" is the number of the cadastral region, "CCPPLL" is the quarter after the cadastre and the letter "KK" is the number of the property.

Thus, the cadastral number of a structure in the territory of the Russian Federation includes the numbering of the land on which the structure is located in the cadastre and the inventory number of that structure itself. If it is a room, it usually contains the cadastral number of another room, in which the first was located, as well as its own separate number.