What are the national symbols of Ukraine

On August 24, 1991 the parliament - the Werehovna Rada - proclaimed the independence of Ukraine. Ukraine is a republic. It is a sovereign and independent, democratic and social constitutional state. The territory of Ukraine is indivisible and inviolable.

The state symbols of Ukraine are the state flag, the state anthem and the state coat of arms. The state flag of Ukraine is blue and yellow. The authors of the State Anthem of Ukraine are the poet P. Chubinsky and the composer M. Verbitsky. The national coat of arms of Ukraine is the trident. The Constitution of Ukraine came into force on June 28, 1996. The official language is Ukrainian. The capital of Ukraine is Kiev. The Parliament of Ukraine is called the Verkhovna Rada. The Verkhovna Rada is the only legislative body in Ukraine. The Verkhovna Rada consists of 450 people's deputies. The representatives are elected for 4 years in a general, direct, equal and secret ballot. The chairman of the Verkhovna Rada and his deputies are elected by the Verkhovna Rada. The main tasks of the Verkhovna Rada are to legislate, approve the prime minister's candidacy proposed by the president, and control the government. In the plenary sessions of parliament, fundamental questions of domestic and foreign policy are discussed and laws are passed. The extensive preparatory work for a law is not carried out in the plenary, but in the committees.

The highest representative of the state is the head of state the President of Ukraine. The President represents Ukraine under international law. It is the guarantor of state sovereignty, territorial integrity and compliance with the Constitution of Ukraine. The President is elected by the citizens of Ukraine in a general, direct, equal and secret ballot for a period of 5 years.

The government of the state is called the Cabinet of Ministers headed by the Prime Minister. The Cabinet of Ministers is the highest organ in the system of executive power. The Cabinet of Ministers is the President.

responsible for Ukraine. The Cabinet of Ministers is guided in its work by the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine, the acts of the President.

The Prime Minister is appointed by the President with the approval of a majority in Parliament. The Prime Minister directs the work of the Cabinet of Ministers, directing them towards the implementation of the program, the work of the Cabinet of Ministers, which is approved by Parliament.
There are many political parties and mass organizations in Ukraine. Ukraine has good, friendly economic and cultural relations with many countries around the world. She is a member of the UN and other international organizations.

The formation of the independent Ukrainian state is of great political importance for Europe. A democratic state emerged in this part of the world. The great human and economic potential, scientific and technical possibilities, the hardworking and educated people make Ukraine a potential leader of the European community of states.