Is it difficult to rework wooden floors?


The following native woods are suitable for floor coverings:

  • maple
    very light with fine, even fibers
    medium hard, very resistant and wear-resistant

  • beech
    bright with even grain
    hard, abrasion-resistant, easy to work with
  • Oak
    light or medium brown, graying and darkening, loose fibers
    very hard, elastic and resistant, difficult to work with

  • Ash
    very light, coarse-grained, calm grain
    medium hard, flexible
  • chestnut
    light, wavy grain
    soft, resistant to pests and fungal attack

  • jaw
    very light, fine and calm grain
    good strength and elasticity, dimensionally stable, easy to work with
  • Cherry tree
    medium light, darkens
    Easy to process

  • larch
    bright, strong grain
    heavy and hard, weatherproof

  • walnut
    large color variations from slightly reddish to strong brown, strong grain
    expensive and therefore mostly used for multi-layer floors

The following exotic, sometimes tropical woods are often offered for floors:

  • Afzelia or DoussiĆ© (West Africa)
    medium red-brown shade
    very resistant
  • Iroko (Africa)
    medium golden brown shade
    medium hard and durable
  • Jatoba (South America)
    darkens after - red-brown shade
    exceptionally hard

  • Merbau (South East Asia)
    darkens after - brown, red-brown
    very hard, heavy and resistant
  • Wenge (Central Africa)
    first light, later dark brown
    very hard and resistant

Photo credit: Elparketto, Herford

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