How can I zero a sniper rifle

SCUM: Sniper Guide - How to Aim & Shoot

In this guide we would like to bring you closer to snipers. In SCUM, the possibilities of sniping are very much linked to reality. Remain undetected and still switch off the respective target at a great distance with just one shot and precisely? Definitely not easy in SCUM. The equipment (clothing, weapons and ammunition) is usually quickly put together. It's not particularly difficult, because there are enough places on the island to find the right loot. Generally important is the distance to the target and the values ​​below, which you can adjust in the rifle scope. But the skill "Sniper" or "Sharpshooter" is also important. We explain to you why this is so and what you basically have to pay attention to.

Basics of sniper

What does the information in the rifle scope mean?

  • RNG: Range to the target in meters.
  • WND: Wind speed.
  • TMP: Temperature measurement in Celsius (ambient temperature).
  • HUM: Humidity.
  • PRS: Atmospheric pressure measured in kilopascals.
  • OLD: Your current altitude.
  • ZERO: Zeroing at a certain distance.
  • WNDG: Your adjustments for the wind speed.

In-game controls

Shift + mouse scroll = adjusts the distance to the target.

Shift + ALT + mouse scroll = Adjusts the wind calculation.

STRG / CTRL = Shows you the meters and the wind direction to the target.

Hold down CTRL = character holds their breath (useful later when shooting, so that the scope does not disappear into nirvana)

Wind settings

(+) Wind setting = Adjust your shot to the right.

(-) Wind setting = adjust your shot to the left.

Recommended distances too

Player = 0 - 1000M

Team member names: 0 - 200M

Puppets / Zombies = 0 - 200M (optimized for game performance)

Skills: Sniper, Awareness & Strength

In SCUM there are numerous skills that affect certain actions. This also applies to the sniper skill, as we will now explain to you: This will, among other things, focus on recording the environmental values ​​(the higher, the faster they are recorded), the exact distance to the target and holding your breath while aiming impact. Furthermore, skill awareness and strength are important. With awareness you can better or worse recognize goals at a distance. The skill Strength affects the recoil of the weapon and the stability. So if you have planned to kill long-haul targets, it would be advisable to take a look at your skills beforehand.

Adjust the telescopic sight

As soon as you press CTRL once, you will receive the current environment values ​​up to the destination. Here is the goal: Entrance to the warehouse.

You can now see the determined environmental values ​​and can now make adjustments to your rifle scope (right).

If you have determined the current environmental values ​​to the destination with 2x CTRL, you can now see them on the left. The information on the right gives you details about how your rifle scope is set.

If everything is perfectly adjusted, you can fire your first shot. Readjustments can then still be made. In the PVP battle this is a bit tricky ...

Note that if you spot a target and want to kill it at a distance, make the adjustments in your rifle scope (basics of sniper). But it always depends on the situation, how you have to adjust it. If your goal is constantly moving, it is difficult to get the settings optimal. It takes some training, but shouldn't be a problem for players who have been around for a long time.

Quick access makes it easier to use

There is also a tip for faster assembly and dismantling of the riflescope. Simply store your riflescope in quick access via drag & drop to the inventory. If you need the scope in a certain situation, you can simply mount it using quick access (provided you are not aiming with the weapon) and dismantle it again later. The assembly / disassembly takes place when you press the "3" key on the keyboard, as in our example.

You can also put a second visor on the quick access with this trick. This is then suitable for medium distances. It is useful when you have missed the target and it is coming towards you. The P-223 Scope with a magnification of 9x40 is not recommended for medium distances. It is therefore advisable to take an ACOG or similar scope with you and to pack it on the 4 slot of the fast access as in the second example. In contrast to the P-223, it does not require a RIS adapter. You MUST remove the other visor before you mount the ACOG.

Closing words

With that you should now know a little more about the possibilities of sniping and what there is to consider. As in our other SCUM guides we are open to all suggestions, questions and of course feedback on the Sniper guide. We would also be happy to hear your experience reports, which you can share here.