What is 3M's mission statement

Our corporate philosophy

Our values

The human

The people - we are the employees.

With pleasure at work through our passion. For each other - togetherness.

We inspire anew every day. We shape our future ourselves.

Warm - help shape - responsible - familiar


We Innotech employees treat each other cordially, which means that we always treat each other respectfully and honestly. We value the work of each individual, because everyone is valuable and gives their best. We help each other and treat each other as we would like to be treated. Our customers feel this too, because we do not differentiate in our dealings with one another whether we work with a customer, a supplier or an employee. Everyone is welcome with us and is warmly welcomed by our "symbadic" way.

Help shape

Our employees are involved in many decisions. New ideas are always heard, and the Umdenkabrik helps us here. Contributing to the development of Innotech has a major impact, because the company's goals are not simply set by the management. At the beginning of the year, all employees are there and we jointly set 6-7 annual goals. Our motivation to achieve the set goals is very high because everyone can identify with them.


We know our responsibilities and are aware of the consequences for our actions, but also for our non-action. Each of us takes our responsibility seriously to do the job 100% and to be responsible for our activities or areas. We live a culture of mistakes that is based on continuous improvement in an appreciative manner through our QM system. Mistakes can happen because you learn from them too. However, repetitive errors are not acceptable.


The Innotech workforce can be compared to a large family. This calls for openness, honesty and respect in dealing with one another. We are there for one another and support one another with advice and action. A familiar atmosphere is evidence of authenticity and is also carried over to our customer relationships. Every new employee is immediately integrated into the team.

The specialists

The specialists - that's who we are for our industry.

We convince with our unique portfolio of products and services. We clarify and pass on our knowledge. Regardless of the manufacturer, we always find the best solution for our customers.

Holistic - diverse - unique - inspiring


We always take a holistic view of the tasks assigned to us. This means that all aspects are taken into account and that larger contexts are recognized. We want to offer our customers the opportunity to get everything from a single source. If we do not have a product in stock or cannot offer a service, we fall back on our large partner network and help the customer until his expectations have been met.


Our diversity is characterized by a very large product portfolio, our different services and our broad network that we offer our customers. Comparable to the adhesive, which is able to bond different materials together, we find the solutions for the requirements of our customers ourselves or through our partners and thus solve problems. We have created our almanac over years of work. This shows all of our diversity of knowledge transfer, products and services. We also work with people from a wide variety of nationalities, perspectives, strengths and weaknesses. We really appreciate and accept each and every one of them.


The combination of a huge product portfolio, years of accumulated know-how and a network of partners like no other makes us unique. This makes us indispensable and therefore a sought-after contact in the entire industry.


Our enthusiasm comes from having fun at work. Our employees enjoy coming to work every day and our customers can also feel this positive atmosphere.

The facilitators

The facilitators - that is what we are for our customers.

We are already looking for solutions today for tomorrow's problems.

We also meet your most extraordinary requirements.

Fast - reliable - uncomplicated - far-sighted


Speed ​​is probably one of the most important values ​​of today. We keep surprising our customers, because nobody reacts faster to changed economic conditions or customer expectations than we do. Our goal is not to keep anyone waiting unnecessarily and to help as soon as possible.


Reliability conveys a feeling of security, this creates trust and reduces stress. It means that you can trust your colleagues. This has a positive influence on the collaboration. Honest communication between our employees and our customers creates a good basis for reliability.


We work according to clear structures and flat hierarchies. This makes it easy and straightforward for our employees and customers to work with us. In this way, we can focus on the wishes and requirements of our customers in order to meet their needs quickly and unbureaucratically.


We act with foresight and plan our processes over a longer period in advance. In this way, we look into the future, taking into account the current position, and the company is managed in a future-oriented manner. Since we reassess our opportunities and risks every year, but of course also at short notice if necessary, possible events are thought through before they occur. Investments are made with a view to the future in order to secure further growth and competitiveness. We are always one step ahead.

Our values