How can we define a perfect engineer

What does a vehicle technology engineer do?

What are your tasks?

As an engineer for vehicle technology, you take care of them Conception, construction, simulation, production and operation of Vehicles and their individual components. It's not always about cars, but also about

  • truck
  • Cycles
  • Motorcycles
  • commercial vehicles
  • Rail vehicles
  • Working machines
  • pendant
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Air and space vehicles
  • as well as watercraft

As a vehicle technology engineer, one of your main tasks is to do this Designing new vehicle concepts, developing modern bodies and vehicle components, and testing vehicle concepts or prototypes. When working as a vehicle engineer, you always have to make sure that you are technically up-to-date, environmentally conscious and economical. In addition, you plan, implement and monitor production systems for motor vehicles, repair and maintain motor vehicles and take care of customer-specific designs. You can also deal with the sales and marketing of vehicles and technical vehicle equipment or the creation of technical documentation.

Your permanent goals in vehicle production are this environmental Protection, because the pollutant emissions must be permanently reduced, and improving the safety of vehicles through mechatronic elements such as airbags and anti-lock braking systems.