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Eternal love

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India 1945: Six very different people meet in search of love and threaten to reveal long-kept family secrets.

In the divided north Indian city of Husnabad, Roop Chaudry (Alia Bhatt) and the daredevil Zafar (Varun Dhawan) come together from a good family. The future of the two stands on shaky legs, because the families could hardly be more different: The Chaudrys are very wealthy and live in a magnificent house, whereas Zafar comes from the musically mysterious district of Hira Mandi. Plus, the whole country is in turmoil as it breaks away from British colonial rule.

Four other fates reveal themselves, which at first glance have little to do with each other, but are nevertheless interwoven. Long-kept secrets about treason and affairs come to light and not only threaten to bring down the dazzling world of the Chaudrys.

The color red also plays a special role in the film. It is not only important for the characters in the film who are longingly looking for love, but also stands for the brute force and riots that characterize the divided Husnabad.

in theTrailer can you get a first impression of the Bollywood drama:

"Kalank - Eternal Love" - ​​Background

Against the backdrop of divided India, which was already on the way to independence in 1945, director Abhishek Varman presents a gripping Bollywood drama with “Kalank”.

In addition to the main actors Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan, we see Bollywood luminaries Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt, one of the most influential but also controversial people in the Indian film business. Dutt was suspected of having been involved in a bomb attack in Bombay in 1993 - after several negotiations he was sentenced to imprisonment, but no concrete contact with the group of assassins or the criminal underworld could be proven.

"Kalank - Ewige Liebe" - cinema release and FSK

The romantic Bollywood drama starts onApril 11, 2019 in German cinemas and has an FSK age rating12 years.

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