Who invented the Davis Cup

Davis Cup reform"The victims are the fans and the offspring"

"It's actually sad that the Davis Cup tradition as I knew it is now basically being lost. It's a huge piece of sports history," said Nicolas Kiefer on Deutschlandfunk. Changes are always important, of course, but in a sport as traditional as tennis, they are not good: "The Davis Cup has a tradition - with home games and away games - we should keep the tradition that way."

Nicolas Kiefer mourns the old Davis Cup. (dpa)

"The best thing was that you had the home games and the fans," remembers Kiefer. In addition to the fans, the young players are also the ones to suffer: "How should the youngsters - the small children - how should they see their role models when they don't have any more home games?"

"Now an external person comes in, from a completely different sport, and thinks he has reinvented the thing," said Nicolas Kiefer, criticizing Gerad Pique's role in the reform of the Davis Cup. This is a world star in football and therefore he should stay with football. "It's all about the money and not about the players."

"A second class event"

The Davis Cup final is very late in the season, after the US Open in November. The top players also have to recover once: "Regeneration plays a very, very important role in the career of a tennis professional." The season pulls the players very hard. Towards the end of the season, more and more professionals would also cancel larger tournaments to take it easy. "The forces also decrease at some point." He couldn't imagine that the players could really motivate themselves again at the end of the season. "It will be a second-rate event," predicts Nicolas Kiefer.